How Much Do Electric Bikes Weigh

How Much Do Electric Bikes Weigh? (Every E Bike weight)

How much do electric bikes weigh? And does the weight of electric bikes really matter? I really thought about it and decided to do my own research! They can weigh anywhere between 38-70 pounds. The weight of an electric bike will be different for each type of electric bike based on the frame of the … Read more

Do Electric Bikes Have Gears? (Are They Actually Important?)

Motorcycles and some bikes both use gears. And since electric bikes are like the hybrid between the two it would make sense that they have gears too, right? I decided to look at some of the top companies that make electric bikes to find out, do electric bikes have gears. Most electric bikes do have … Read more

how to charge an electric bike

How to Charge an Electric Bike: The Complete Guide

Charging an electric bike properly can save you from having to replace the battery. Here’s a quick rundown of the steps you need to take to charge your electric bike: Take the battery off your electric bike Make sure the battery is turned off Connect your battery to the charger Plug the charger cord into … Read more

Do Electric Bikes Charge While Pedaling

Do Electric Bikes Charge While Pedaling (Solved!)

I’ve always wondered, do electric bikes charge while pedaling? It would make sense that all your hard work be converted back into energy for your battery. Unfortunately… Most electric bikes won’t charge your battery while you pedal. Some of them do but for you to get this feature you will have to pay a premium … Read more

What Is A Hybrid Bike

What Is A Hybrid Bike? (Everything You Need To Know!)

The hybrid bike is the “jack of all trades” type of bike. A hybrid bike is a mix of different types of bikes like a mountain, touring, and racing. The hybrid mashes up all the components found on various types of bikes (wheel size, suspension, gears, etc.).  Today, I’ve researched for hours to provide you … Read more

How Much Does A Bike Weigh

How Much Does A Bike Weigh? (All Bike Types & Why It Matters)

My friend Jeff LOVES biking. One weekend we decided to go on a ride across a stunning mountain. This path is known for being rough and bumpy. Fast forward to the weekend, and everything seemed to be going to plan until Jeff showed up with a new bike. This new bike was SUPER light and … Read more

whatd does 700x36c mean

What Does 700x38c Mean For Bicycle Tires (Fully Explained!)

Have you seen the engravings “700 x 38C” on your bike tire and wondered what secret meaning it has? What does 700x38c mean? Well, the label “700 x 38C” stands for a bike tire with an outer diameter of 700mm, rims of 38mm and a width that has a grade of “C”. But this is … Read more

what does 700c mean for bike tires

What Does 700C Mean For Bike Tires (Solved and Explained!)

Have you ever seen a “700C” engraving on your bike tire and wondered what it means? What does 700c mean for bike tires? It means your bike tire has an outside diameter of 700 mm and a grade “C” for width. Want to know more? Today, we have compiled this detailed guide that will show … Read more

How To Stop A Bike Rack From Swaying

How To Stop A Bike Rack From Swaying (solved!)

Swaying bike racks are super annoying. You are CONSTANTLY forced to check the rear mirror, and the same question keeps running in your head: How to stop a bike rack from swaying? Also, don’t forget about the rattling noises that never stop… But there is a solution. After a lot of experimentation, this guide has … Read more

30 Benefits of Cycling Guaranteed To Improve Your Life

We’re all aware that cycling presents benefits. I just can’t believe it took me this long to start!   Before I began cycling, I had little to no exercise in my life. Going to the gym felt forced, especially as an outdoors person.  The benefits of cycling are both mental health and physical health. Ranging from … Read more

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