5 Best Bike Rack For Fat Bikes 2021:[Ultimate Buyers Guide]

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Best Bike Rack For Fat Bikes

Normal bike racks aren’t built for fat bikes. And if you’ve got a fat bike, you already know the struggle.

I spent 70 hours researching the best bike racks for fat bikes so you get one that will work for you.

If you are in a hurry…

…the Kuat NV 2.0 is my top choice on the list. My buyers are extremely happy and have left amazing reviews. Check it out on Amazon and find out why so many people are happy.

Keep reading to learn about all the great options you need if you have a fat tire bike!

Comparison Table

Image Product Details
sample-table__image★ Our #1 Pick ★Kuat NV 2.0
  • The tilt down feature will give you access to your trunk even when your bikes are still on the rack!
  • One of the most user-friendly racks on the market.
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sample-table__imageOverdrive Sport 2 Bike Hitch
  • Rack is built like a tank and will last!
  • Easy to follow instructions when you attach to your hitch.
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sample-table__imageCapstone Hitch Mount 2
  • Can fit any size bike tire including fat tires!
  • Includes a device to prevent wobbling.
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sample-table__imageINNO INH330 Aero Light QM
  • Wheel wells adjust to fit your tire size!
  • Super light weight and requires no tools for set up.
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sample-table__imageSaris Freedom 2 Bike Tray Hitch Rack
  • The wheel wells are contoured to the bike wheel stopping them from rolling around!
  • The cradles keep your bike secure and safe during travel.
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Kuat NV 2.0

Our Pick
Kuat NV 2.0 Bike Rack
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The Kuat 2.0 NV is the best on the market.

Its sturdy attachment system holds 2 bikes securely in place due to its stellar ratcheting arms.

The front tires feel snug and secure with the ratcheting arms pulled down. 

The whole system is so well built, you won’t experience any swaying or instability over hundreds of miles of travel.

The setup is easy and quick. It only takes about 20 minutes, it’s the ease of everyday use where the Kuat shines. 

This is largely because of the Kuat 2.0’s simple yet elegant design. Simply lift the bike onto the rack and pull the ratcheting arms onto the front tires.

Make sure it’s situated well, then just use the strap to tie down the rare wheels. That’s it! 

This bike rack is also quite the looker, with its sleek and modern design. It comes in either gray metallic with orange accents or black metallic with gray accents.

Both options look great, making sure you get to the trailhead in style.

One downside of this rack is that the ratcheting arms don’t get into place as smoothly as some other racks. It tends to feel a bit stubborn at times. 

Overall, Kuat did a great job improving on the already well-received original version of this rack.

Overdrive Sport 2 Bike Hitch 

Overdrive Sport 2-Bike Hitch Rack
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The perfect bike rack for fat tires or heavy bikes

The Overdrive Sport 2 Bike Hitch is a high quality, solidly built rack. The load-bearing parts on this bike rack are made of steel and it uses a lockable padded hook.

So I know my bike is not in any danger of falling off the back of my truck. 

This rack has the most solid set of clamps I’ve seen on bike racks. And it’s especially important if you have fat tires because they’re so difficult to secure in place because of their mass.

Also, I like that it can accommodate 2 bikes for when you’re heading to the trail with a partner.

Also that your bike’s tires sit in a tray like a motorcycle carrier rather than just dangle awkwardly. 

There are not many bike racks on the market that can carry heavier bikes so it’s worth it to mention that the Overdrive Sport 2 Bike Hitch is rated for heavier weights. That means electric bikes are a-ok.

In addition, it can also accommodate wider tires like bikes with “fat” 5” diameter tires.

There’s one shortcoming with this bike rack’s design that if fixed would make it the perfect bike rack.

The manufacturer made only one of the holder hooks lockable so that you’d be able to just use the shorter one.

But if you have two bikes of different sizes, then it can’t be used as the heights are different. You can still lock both bikes together, just not separately. 

Capstone Hitch Mount 2 

Capstone Hitch Mount 2 Bike Rack
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The Capstone Hitch Mount 2 can carry two bikes at a time and comes with an anti-wobble mechanism to prevent swaying.

It can allow for thin tires as narrow as 23 mm or tires as wide as 5 inches. That means if I change bikes in the future, or if I decide to ride with a partner who has different sized bike tires, I know that this bike rack will be up to the job.  

Because it has locking knobs, I don’t have to use separate cable locks while traveling.

You won’t have to worry about the cable lock coming in contact with my vehicle and causing paint damage.

I like that the tire platforms can be folded using the sliding components which means it’s customizable to pretty much any bike out there. It looks like the rack is finished with a high gloss powder coat so the paint should hold up well over many years.

Some users did notice that the velcro straps they provide may not be enough to wrap around a fat tire, that would be upwards of 4.5” in diameter.

If you’re gonna advertise it as a fat tire bike, this is a big oversight. 

In the end, while this bike rack is not as stylish as other bike racks but still gets the job done.

If you’re on a budget and don’t go on the trails as often as some of the other trail riders do, this may be a very good option for you.

INNO INH330 Aero Light QM

A bike rack that looks as good as it functions!

The INNO INH330 Aero Light QM is a great looking, lightweight bike rack out of Japan.

It can hold two bikes with ease, the max weight allowed being 37 lbs per bike or 74 lbs for 2 bikes. 

INNO has been around for a long time now, and that experience shows in the design with how well thought out it is.

Because it’s made with aluminum, this bike rack is far lighter than other bike racks on the market.

Coming in at only 30 lbs, so it’s easy to lift and install by just one person. Once installed, the arms fold up so you can still open your vehicle’s hatch easily. 

First time out of the box, you can set it up within 20 minutes using the very helpful instruction manual. Once you know how to use it you can get it set up to under 5 minutes! 

And once you have figured out the settings for my bikes, you don’t have to tune or adjust them again. They’ll stay in the same position. 

Securing on the bikes on and adjusting them each time will take a bit more work than other bike racks.

Also, some users noticed that their bikes fit a bit too snug…

It might be a worry if you have more expensive bikes that they might come in contact while driving.

Adding a soft layer in between like a maybe a piece of foam and securing it might be useful, at least for your peace of mind. 

Saris Freedom 2 Bike Tray Hitch Rack 

Saris Freedom EX Bike Hitch Car Rack, 2-Bicycle Carrier
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The Saris Freedom 2 Bike Tray Hitch Rack is the lightest 2 bike hitch rack on the market.

It can carry 2 bikes, each up to 60 lbs so that’s better than most other options on the market. 

It’s pretty easy and quick to install and load your bikes. Within 5 minutes, you are able to install the rack onto the hitch and load both my bikes and strap them down. 

The Saris features a minimalistic design and is well built.

The bikes are securely fastened in and don’t wobble or shift when driving to the trailhead, even over rough terrain.

That’s a relief so you don’t have to constantly look in the rearview mirror to see how the hitch and bikes are doing. 

The rack can also be tilted to allow opening the hatch or tailgate of your vehicle without having to remove the bikes.

But at the same time, when not in use, the rack lies low enough that you can access your car’s trunk without removing it. 

There are three locks in total, one cable lock for each bike and one built-in so you can have peace of mind that your bikes are safe when you’re away from your vehicle.

Its trays can hold skinny as well as fat tires so you don’t have to buy any additional accessories for different sized tires or heavier bikes.  

How To Choose The Best Bike Rack For Fat Bikes

Wheel size for fat tire bikes

Wheel Size

The most important factor you need to consider for your bike rack is wheel size. In fact, this will make it easy to narrow down your choices rather quickly.

Most bike racks list their wheel size compatibility on the manufacturer’s website and/or on the rack itself.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be too difficult figuring out which rack will your bikes need. 

Mounting Points

One of the single most important elements of any fat bike rack will be the lower mounting point on the rack.

The durability of this point is essential because this is where the vast majority of the weight will land. 

You’ll also want to pay close attention to the rear dropout spacing as well because this determines the overall width of the mounting point attachment.

A lot of bike racks are designed to mount directly to the quick release axle.

Weight Capacity

How much weight your bike rack can hold is important too. If you overload the bike rack, there’s a good chance that it may become unstable and fall over and/or fail completely.

Lightweight, aluminum bike racks are not built to hold as much weight as a steel bike rack. For perspective, a bike rack that holds up to seventy pounds is considered heavy-duty.

Types of Bike Racks

A bike rack is designed to hold your bike securely in one place whether it is parked and/or on the move.

There are four primary types of bike racks that we’ll briefly discuss.


Roof racks are bike racks that attach to the roofs of vehicles; they are quite common.

The most common feature to look for in a roof rack will be the width of the tray, as well as the mount size.

You’ll also have to take into consideration whether or not you really want to lift your bike from the top of the car or not.

It’s not as easy as you think when you’re pretty tired after a long biking session.


Platform hitch racks are designed to carry bikes on platforms.

They are a good choice for any type of vehicle, with the exception of pickup trucks, which will need a truck bed mounted option like we will discuss previously.

Platform hitch racks are also very popular, but some will require that you purchase additional parts before a bike with fat tires will fit.


Hanging racks are bike racks that carry bikes by hanging them behind the vehicle as you drive.

This is where the overall weight capacity of the rack becomes very important.

Since fat bikes are much heavier than other bikes, a hanging rack rated to hold four normal bikes may only be able to hold two.


Finally, truck bed mounts are designed to work with a truck through a fork mount attachment; these are a great choice for fat bikes. 


Fat tire bikes are one of my favorite types of bikes. You can take them everywhere.


If you want to explore outside your neighborhood you really need a bike rack. You can’t go wrong with the Kuat NV 2.0!

That’s why I highly recommend getting this bike rack. Check it out on Amazon.

Happy riding!

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