Best Bike Rack For Kids Bikes 2021: Ultimate Buyers Guide

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Best Bike Rack For Kids Bikes

I spent 50 hours researching bike racks that would work perfectly for kids bikes.

If you’re in a rush…

…The best bike rack for kids bikes is the Thule T2 Pro XT and you can check it out on Amazon by clicking here!


Thule is a hitch rack that easily holds bike tires as small as kid’s bikes without buying extra adapters.

While the Thule T2 Pro XT is a great fit there are a few other racks I have found that will also get the job done. I’ve found bike racks that will work for anyone’s car.

Keep reading to learn which bike rack is perfect for you and your kid’s bikes!

What's In This Guide?

      Thule T2 Pro XT

      The Thule T2 Pro XT can carry everything from mountain bikes to e-bikes and even your kids bikes!

      It fits wheels sizes from 5 inches all the way up to 29 so you’ll have plenty of range to carry your kid’s bike with you. 

      The Thule T2 Pro XT can carry two bikes at once with spacing up to 197mm.

      That is just a few inches apart, giving you the peace of mind that your bikes won’t wobble and bump into one another.

      I’m not the handiest person when it comes to tools which is why I love this Thule bike rack. It’s tool-free attachment making it easy to install.

      This rack is even capable of tilting down so you can have access to the trunk of the vehicle.

      This makes it easy to grab any other accessories prior to your bike ride.

      The Thule T2 Pro XT also tilts up to fold when you’re not using it or to be easily stored away.

      The HitchSwitch Lever allows the rack to tilt up or down, this is what makes its functionality so easy.

      It even has a twenty-four-inch cable that locks the bikes and stores them away into the ratcheting arm.

      Speaking of the ratcheting arm this secures the bikes securely and easily without any frame contacts.

      This bike rack is known for being well made. Providing peace of mind that your investment is worth wild.

      Also with a load capacity of 120lbs and the ability to purchase a separate adapter this bike rack and extend to four total bikes providing plenty of room for you and your son/daughter or the whole family.

      Easy to install and with straps in all the right places this bike rack takes the headaches out of towing your bikes around to putting the fun back into your biking adventures.

      As perfect as this bike rack is there are just a couple of downsides. As well made as it is folks have reported it is quite heavy.

      Weighing just over 60 pounds may be something you want to keep in mind if weight could be an issue.

      The cable that locks the bikes is not as durable. Some people have reported it is easy to cut through the cable making it easy for the bike to be unsecured and unprotected.

      Beyond a couple of issues, however, this bike rack is still an all-around decent option for your kid’s bikes.

      It’s durable, easy to handle, and although it has a couple of flaws could be a great addition to your bike riding accessories.

      Hollywood Racks Destination

      The next option I want to highlight is the Hollywood Racks Destination. It is available in both two and four bike capacity configurations.

      Once again allowing you to either go with a parent and child or the whole family configurations.

      Never miss out on being able to ride your bikes together again.

      The bike rack can fold up for easy transportation when not in use.

      One of the greatest features is it has four secure points and can fit virtually any bike making it a sound choice as a kids bike rack. 

      One of the lightest and affordable bike racks you’ll find. This will carry your bikes without breaking the scale, your back, or your wallet.

      Several people have commented on how this bike rack was the solution to all of their transporting needs.

      Even though this rack is lightweight it is made to last. It can hold bikes weighing up to 35lbs each.

      Also, there are ratchet style straps that connect in four places. These will keep your bikes nice and sturdy, while also avoiding any wobbling and movement while traveling making it an enjoyable car ride and keeping the bikes safe.

      Finally, this bike rack has a locking hitch pin so the rack stays secured to your vehicle.

      Avoid disastrous fallouts and keep your bikes attached to the vehicle that’s carrying them.

      Overall this bike rack is a great solution for your kid’s bikes. It has the storage capacity to carry them.

      The lightweight will help if you have to take it on and off constantly. Also, it is extremely affordable which is good for your wallet too.

      A solid choice in transporting your children’s bikes simply and easily.

      With all good things, there are some things to watch out for.

      With this bike rack the pin that connects the bike rack to the hitch can malfunction so it is important to watch for that.

      The other issue is it cannot be used with an RV or trailer. Its intended purpose is to be used directly on a hitch attached to a car.

      These things can be avoided by properly inspecting that the rack is properly installed each time so you can avoid a catastrophic failure down the road.

      Saris Bones EX Trunk Bike Rack

      The Saris Bones EX Trunk Bike Rack excels in its versatility.

      This bike rack is great for kid’s bikes because it allows for them to hang right off the back of any car out there. You don’t need any extra adapter it comes ready for kid’s bikes.

      The simple installation has you and your kids on the road faster. That means less fuss and fewer frustrations for you!

      This bike rack is so simple even your kids could probably use it themselves, although parent supervision is still wise. 

      It is made to fit quite a few different vehicles including ones with spoilers.

      This allows you to take your bikes with you without having to worry about having a specific style of vehicle.

      This bad boy can go on cars, to trucks, to SUVs. All with no hitch required.

      The Bones rack attaches via spring buckle and is adjustable to fit, it is because of an extra leg that allows it to even go on vehicles with spoilers.

      Also, this bike rack doesn’t require a hitch to attach to the vehicle. If you don’t have a towing package you may find this to be a great solution.

      The design of the rubber feet also protects your paint.

      Sporting premium hold-downs where loading bikes are quick and easy. Bikes attach to the crossbar rather than being seated in by their tires.

      This allows you to really transport any bikes you need to including your children’s bikes.

      However, this is where its flaws tend to show. If your bike doesn’t have a normal crossbar or attachments there this could make it cumbersome to transport certain bikes.

      This can make it very difficult especially for women’s bikes. Sorry moms!

      Lastly, the straps are made of plastic, some have mentioned that these straps are rather weak.

      Something you will want to really keep an eye on is no one wants to see the bike rack or your bikes spill across the road.

      CyclingDeal Alloy Car Roof Bike Rack

      Switching gears just a little bit, well word gears not bike gears, we have the CyclingDeal Alloy Car Roof Bike Rack.

      This beautiful aluminum bike rack attaches to your SUV up top so it frees up both the hatchback and the view. 

      This roof rack is made of both durable and lightweight components making it stylish and practical.

      You and your little one will be out riding in no time between the transportation and easier installation.

      The rack has adjustable one-hand wheel straps allowing you to load the bike solo.

      Additionally, there is a strap that goes around the frame and can turn a full 360 degrees so it will fit almost any frame.

      This rack can also hold up to 66lbs so holding kid’s bikes will be of no issue for it.

      The only thing this bike rack offers is a sensible option to transport you and your young one’s bikes.

      Not without flaws, however, the bike rack doesn’t really come with detailed instructions so installation and setup could be a challenge for some.

      Pro-Series 63134 Q-Slot 2 Black 2-Bike Hitch Mounted Bike Carrier

      Pro-Series 63134 Q-Slot 2 Black 2-Bike Hitch Mounted Bike Carrier
      Check On Amazon
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      04/23/2022 07:34 am GMT

      Being one of the more affordable options on our list comes the Pro Series 2-Bike Mounted Bike Carrier.

      This bike rack is going back to the hitch style but can fit either 1 ¼” or 2” receivers. 

      Its wheel slots are fully adjustable meaning it can be form-fitted for your kid’s bike and yours.

      The rack also has padding so the bikes will stay damage-free. 

      Another great feature is its center bar can tilt back allowing access to only that bike instead of having to take both off.

      It also has enough clearance to be able to open your hatch without having to remove it either. 

      The last couple of benefits are that it has a powder coat rust-resistant finish that will complement practically any vehicle.

      Also, its rise shank allows for more road clearance so you can avoid those bikes that seem to jump up and punch your bike.

      With that said, some reviewers have reported that it does not raise the bike enough, exercise caution when on bumpy roads. Neither you nor I want to see your bike hit the ground. 

      Finally, its straps are less than stellar as well. This seems to be the biggest issue on this bike rack be sure to really look them over and be sure you are happy with them prior to transporting any bikes at all.

      Choosing The Best Bike Rack For Kids Bikes

      Finding The Chosen One

      When you really boil it down this comes to what you want out of the bike rack beyond holding your children’s bikes.

      Do you want full security knowing your bikes won’t fall off going down the road?

      Also, it’s important to decide the type of mount you want, whether it be trunk or roof style.

      Trunk style impairs your vision but you’ll know real fast if you lose a bike.

      Roof style frees up your line of sight but could be impossible to know if there is a problem before it’s too late.

      Carefully consider these questions and the environments you intend to use the rack in.

      This will help to make a purchase that will bring you and your kids years of enjoyment.

      After all, this is an investment in all of your family’s entertainment.

      Cycle Through The Advantages….And Disadvantages

      All the racks we reviewed today can and will hold your children’s bikes allowing for many fun adventures together.

      The added benefit comes with space-saving and convenience.

      Installing a bike rack frees your truck or other cargo space so you can pack other things.

      Maybe you want to have a picnic up the biking trail where there are stellar views. Well, bike racks help make that happen, by freeing up space. 

      Also, consider weight.

      Bike racks that are really well built can weigh quite a bit.

      There are some durable lightweight options too but either way, you’ll be the one installing and uninstalling so it needs to be something you can handle.

      Also, your car will be hauling it around so think this through with all the angles.

      Safety First, Not Third

      When choosing the best bike rack for your children’s bikes it is important to really explore your options. You want the rack to be safe and secure.

      No one wants to see you going 70 mph and lose a rack full of bikes.

      Not only is that a massive safety hazard but your children will be super bummed, cause now they are out of a biking adventure, and most likely a bike. 

      When choosing the bike rack be sure it meets all the safety features you are after.

      Secured tires, secured frames, and locks onto the back or to the hitch.

      This also ensures the bikes themselves are protected, you don’t want to be causing damage to them either.

      Each of the products we reviewed will have instructions on how to properly install them.

      Visiting the manufacturer’s website and properly reading the literature that comes with them are invaluable steps to insuring everything goes fine and works correctly.

      The Adventure Awaits

      Pouring over the reviews that Thule T2 Pro XT is a tough piece to beat. It has the functionality, capacity, and support needed to be the winner today.

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