5 Best Bike Rack For Subaru Forester 2021: Ultimate Buyers Guide

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Best Bike Rack For Subaru Forester

I spent 15 hours researching to find the best one for the Subaru Forester….

…if you’re in a hurry the best bike rack for Subaru Forester is the Thule EasyFold XT 2. Click here to check it out on Amazon!

Thule is a leader in bike racks and the EasyFold is no different.

Variety is the spice of life and one size never fits all, so I have plenty of other great options that I have reviewed.

So let’s get into it!

What's In This Guide?

      My Top Choices At A Glance

      Image Product Details
      sample-table__imageOur #1 ChoiceThule EasyFold XT 2 Hitch Bike Rack
      • The bike loading ramps makes loading bikes effortless!
      • You get full access to your trunk.
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      sample-table__imageThule Raceway Pro Trunk Bike Rack
      • Easy to install on your Subaru Forester!
      • "NoSway" techonolgy keeps your bikes from hitting each other.
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      sample-table__imageYAKIMA Ridgeback Tilt-Away Hitch Bike Rack
      • Can carry up to 4 bikes at once perfect for families!
      • Comes with a bottle opener. Nothing like a cold drink after a long ride.
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      sample-table__imageAllen Sports 3-Bike Hitch Rack
      • Tilts easily away from your so you access your trunk!
      • Fits all bike sizes and styles.
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      sample-table__imageAllen Sports Premier Trunk Mounted Bike Rack
      • Another great family option because it holds 4 bikes!
      • Large pad will keep your Subaru Forester paint untounched.
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      Best Bike Rack For Subaru Forester 2021 Reviews

      Thule EasyFold XT 2 Hitch Bike Rack

      The Thule EasyFold XT 2 is my number one pick for the best bike rack for your Subaru Forester.

      Why is this my favorite option?

      Because of its ease of use and capabilities! 

      Its fully foldable and easy to carry design makes it a breeze to carry in and out of the house.

      I can even have my kid’s help!

      The bike loading ramp makes it so you won’t need to lift your heavy bike on to the rack. Instead, just roll it right up into place.

      Full trunk access while it’s installed makes it a low-hassle item.

      I never feel like taking down the bike rack after I get home from a biking day, and I don’t need to with the EasyFold XT 2. 

      With a carrying capacity of up to 130 pounds and the ability to carry two bikes at 

      Once, this bike is my go-to. Its affordable price makes the value for your money a no brainer.

      Thule Raceway Pro Trunk Bike Rack

      The Thule Raceway Pro is another popular choice for Subaru Forester owners.

      How is this bike rack different from its brother above?

      The big difference is its mounting style. This bike rack mounts to the trunk rather than the hitch. 

      So why would this be an advantage? 

      It’s a beneficial mount style for those who are multi-tasking. Maybe you’re moving house.

      You can now pull a trailer with your hitch and still take your bikes along too. 

      The bike protection cradle always gives me peace of mind when I’m taking my bike to more rugged locations. 

      I like to bike in the mountains, and the roads leading to my favorite spots can be sketchy. 

      The cradle has “road dampening technology,” which creates a barrier to absorb shock. 

      The “NoSway” build makes for zero contact between bikes when you have two mounted. 

      I make sure that all my bike racks include this feature after a few unfortunate events.

      Thule does a great job with their designs, and this bike rack is no different.

      Its foldability and ease of transport make it another easy to use item. 

      The standard version of this bike rack can hold two bikes and carry up to 70 pounds.

      Need to mount three bikes at once? Upgrade to the three-bike rack for ultimate portability.

      YAKIMA Ridgeback Tilt-Away Hitch Bike Rack

      The Yakima Ridgeback Tilt-Away Bike Rack is an excellent option if you take a lot of bikes with you!

      With the ability to hold up to four bikes at once, this bike rack is my best suggestion for bigger groups.

      Its hitch mount hanging tilt rack gives you the ability to mount more bikes, without worrying about scratching your car.

      I’ve had some car damage in the past with bike racks that aren’t designed to this standard.

      The rooftop mount addition comes in clutch when you need more space near the trunk. 

      Installation is easy and can be done in less than five minutes. Sometimes I need to take down the bike rack to fit in tight spaces.

      This design makes life easier in those situations.

      Lastly, and arguably most important, it comes equipped with a bottle opener.

      I know the first thing I like to do after a long ride is crack open a cold beer to enjoy with friends and family.

      Allen Sports 3-Bike Hitch Rack

      Allen Sports 3-Bike Hitch Rack
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      If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

      The Allen Sports 3-Bike Hitch Rack comes in two sizes, one ¼ in and 2 in.

      With the ability to carry three bikes at once and hold up to 105 pounds, this is another excellent option for small groups.

      It’s quick folding carrying arms are a huge benefit without compromising in design.

      When not in use, the components can be lowered out of the way. This is a significant benefit for you when you need quick access to the trunk.

      For even quicker access to the trunk, this bike rack includes a fast tilt away mechanism.

      Just click the two buttons to tilt your bike away from the car, and you have access to the back.

      There are compound cradles for the bikes, giving you efficient security. The cradle fits nearly all bike sizes and styles.

      Just be sure to check the compatibility if this is a selling feature for you.

      As with most items, make sure to check the details of the warranty through your supplier.

      If in doubt, just know that most third-party distributors don’t offer a manufacturer warranty.

      Allen Sports Premier Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

      Allen Sports Premier 2-Bike Trunk Rack, Model S102, Black
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      If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

      The Allen Sports Premier Trunk Mounted Bike Rack is another great option for someone who needs to keep the trunk area of the car clear.

      Even better, you can get this bike rack in a two, three, or four bike style.

      The rack can hold up to four bikes with a carrying capacity of 140 pounds!

      This is sure to get even the biggest mountain bikes up to the trails. 

      Just be sure that the bike size is compatible with the rack.

      It’s large car pads make it so you won’t get any dings or scratches on your Subaru. 

      A simple yet efficient design makes for easy installation directly out of the box.

      I can’t begin to even tell you how frustrating it can be to fumble around with the setup before a big day. 

      Again, this manufacturer does not provide a warranty when sold through third-party vendors.

      It looks like the rack is only compatible with Subaru’s specific models, so double check before your purchase.

      But I checked most of he Subaru Forester models and they all fit!

      Best Bike Rack For Subaru Forester: Buyers Guide

      Choosing The Best Bike Rack For Your Needs

      There are many questions to ask yourself before deciding on which bike rack to buy.

      The most important thing is that the rack you choose fits your needs.

      Here are some questions to ask yourself before buying:

      How many bikes do I need to carry?

      While you may need to carry more than two bikes every once in a while, the need for a larger carrying capacity can be questionable.

      Read More: Best Bike Rack For Subaru Outback

      You need to consider the installation process, ease of use, and portability.  

      How heavy are my bikes, and does this rack exceed that weight?

      At a glance, a rack that can carry three bikes might be very appealing. Keep in mind how heavy your bikes are, though.

      What can start as an innocent mistake could end up costing big bucks if the bike rack fails.

      Do I want a trunk mount, or would I rather have a hitch mount? 

      Having a hitch mount generally means quicker installation.

      If you were towing a trailer or need the extra space behind your vehicle, though, a trunk mount would be better suited for you.

      Do I need some support such as a loading ramp to mount my bikes?

      Do you have back problems or any other disability that makes lifting heavy objects a chore?

      If so…

      …definitely consider getting a bike rack with a loading ramp. While we may not always need it, its best to have in the worst-case scenarios. 

      Is the rack compatible with both my car and my bikes?

      Incompatibility is a mistake that none of us need to make, especially with all the required information at our fingertips.

      It’s one thing to buy a new bike that doesn’t fit with your existing rack.

      It’s another thing to buy a rack that doesn’t work with the bikes you already own.

      How often will I be removing and installing the bike rack?

      This is a big question that should not be overlooked.

      In my experience, installation can be quite taxing, at least for the first few times.

      If you need to install and uninstall the bike rack after every time you go out riding, make sure the bike rack you choose is user friendly and doesn’t require any out of the ordinary tools.

      Does the bike rack have transportation support, such as wheels to roll from one place to another?

      Again, if you need to install and remove this bike rack often, you need to consider portability.

      You don’t want to find yourself lugging a big heavy bike rack to and from your house.

      This is especially true when its snowy, icy, or rainy outside.

      None of us want to end up in the hospital with a fractured rib due to carrying an oversized bike rack. 

      My Top Choice

      While every person will need a different type of bike rack to fit their needs, my favorite bike rack is the Thule EasyFold XT 2 Hitch Bike Rack

      I am someone who likes to get away from it all. I prefer to bike alone, with my headphones in.

      Sometimes I enjoy riding with my wife or my kids, and it’s always great to share my passion with those I love most. 

      Because I usually ride alone, though, I can get by with a bike rack that only carries two bikes.

      I also prefer the hitch mount because I don’t need the extra room at the car’s back.  

      The ease of installation and lightweight portability makes it a breeze to put on and take off at the drop of a hat.

      No time is lost in the early morning, fumbling around with a complicated setup.

      Overall, this bike rack fits my needs best. It is easy enough that my 10-year-old son can use it, and it comes at an affordable price compared to the competition. 

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