Best Electric Bike For Hills 2021: Ultimate Buyers Guide

by Bryan Ray | Last Updated: October 19, 2020

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Best Electric Bike For Hills

I spent 60 hours researching electric bikes that can takes hills without you having to break a sweat.

If you’re in a rush…

the best electric bike for hills is the RipCurrent S: Electric Fat-Tire Bike and you can check it out on Juiced Bikes by clicking here!

Continue reading to learn about other great options to crush hills on your electric bike!

RipCurrent S: Electric Fat-Tire Bike

The RipCurrent S by Juiced has impressive power and speed in one awesome package.

When it comes to hills, the RipCurrent’s 750W motor can easily handle any steep hill.

The RipCurrent S is also perfect if you want some fun in the sun.

Take it to the beach and ride in the sand!

Snow won’t stop this electric bike either. Because of the fat tire’s the RipCurrent can ride in any weather condition.

One feature riders love about the RipCurrent is its capacity to handle over seventy miles on just one charge.

Most other electric bikes can only handle between twenty and forty miles per charge.

That really limits where you can go and how often you have to charge.

Some users have said that the Ripcurrent S doesn’t do very well on rocky areas.

The RipCurrent is a speedy bike that riders can really lean into. When it comes to hills, the RipCurrent’s 750 W battery can get you up any hill easily!

Ecotric Matt Green 48V Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

For riders looking for a foldable fat tire bike, the Ecotric 48V electric bike is a great option for an affordable price.

At 48V, the bike has a less powerful battery than the RipCurrent, but makes up for its lack of power in portable convenience.

In addition to portability, riders love the dependable front light, LCD screen, and rear rack, great for hauling luggage to your next destination. 

When it comes to hills, the Ecotric 48V Fat Tire bike is capable of handling them without breaking a sweat.

Even though the 500W motor is not as powerful as a 750W, this e-bike known for flattening inclines regardless of their grade.

Another feature riders love about the Ecotric 48V Fat Tire bike is its capacity to accomodate riders starting at 5’1”.

Unlike most other electric bikes on the market that fit riders starting at 5’4”. 

Ecotric Rocket Fat Tire Beach Snow Electric Bike

The Ecotric Rocket Fat Tire Electric Bike is a great value for the benefits it provides and rides hills smoothly.

At 36V, the battery provides less power than the Ecotric 48V Folding Electric bike and the RipCurrent, but riders say that they easily reach speeds of 23 mph for an impressively long amount of time.

The Rocket is described as “flattening out inclines easily,” despite its lower voltage than higher-end bikes on the market.

Additionally, the Rocket’s fat tires crush all terrain with ease, making it the perfect bike for beach, snow, or gravel riding. 

Recommended for casual riders, the Rocket Fat Tire Beach Snow Electric Bike comes with a 500W motor.

You can ride between thirty and fifty miles per charge.

For those cycling in snowy conditions, riders warn that the battery falters slightly in below freezing conditions, so beware! 

SPEEDRID Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike

This 36V foldable fat tire electric bike is great for commuting, transportation, and short adventures on the beach or in the snow.

There are three “levels” to this bike, including pure human power, pedal assist, and motor only.

When it comes to inclines, the 500W motor can handle steepness, while fat tires crush all terrain.

But, the bike is only a six speed, meaning that manual gears are limited.

For those wanting to use human power or pedal assist to crush steep hills, the bike’s manual capabilities are important to keep in mind. 

Similar to the other electric bikes on this list, the SPEEDRID Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike easily reaches speeds of 20+ miles per hour.

But, the bike only holds a charge for between 20 and 40 miles at a time. 

The SPEEDRID is recommended for casual riders, commuters, or those riding for transportation purposes. This electric bike is only built for shorter distances. 

Customers appreciate the low cost of the bike, great customer service, and quick delivery (between three and twelve days).

Additionally, the bike comes 85% assembled, unlike many other electric bikes that require full assembly upon delivery. 

ANCHEER 500W Electric Bike

The ANCHEER 500W Electric Bike provides great value for an incredibly low price.

Similar to other bikes in this review, the ANCHEER electric bike has three levels of power (human power, pedal assist, and full assist).

And operates with a 36V battery that lasts between 20-40 miles depending on the level of assist used.

The bike goes up to 20 mph unassisted and is great for trips to the beach, commuting, and for transportation purposes.

This e bike is not recommended for sport, as the battery does not last long enough for longer rides.

Unlike other bikes in this review, the ANCHEER 500W Electric bike is not a fat tire bike, but has of 26” mountain bike tires. 

When it comes to hills, the bike’s 21 gears and 500W motor can handle steep inclines.

However, the mountain bike tires (as opposed to fat tires) limit the types of rough terrain the bike can crush. 

Best Electric Bike For Hills Ultimate Buyers Guide

It’s all about the motor

As mentioned above, the type of motor on the bike can completely alter your ebike experience.

The most common motor wattage is either 500W or 750W, with 750W being the legal limit for motors in the United States.

However, the wattage on the ebike depends on where the motor is located on the bike.

On all of the I bikes reviewed today, the motor is located in the rear of the bike, which allows for the installation of a motor with a greater wattage.

On ebikes with front motors, the wattage is usually only between 250 to 350 watts. 

The most noticeable place that the wattage on the motor makes a difference is on hills.

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When experts say that electric bikes have the capability to “flatten inclines,” they mean that the motor on the electric bike has the ability to smooth out the hill, effectively creating little work for the rider.

If the motor has a low wattage, it will be less effective when it comes to flattening out the incline.

However, all of the bikes under review in this post are either 500W or 750W, which are both highly effective in smoothing out inclines. 

Weight of your e-bike 

If you’re new to e bikes, you might be stunned upon picking up an electric bike for the first time.

Many riders are surprised at the increase in weight between a non-electric bike and an electric bike, and assume that this increase in weight is a negative thing.

This assumption makes sense, as riders of non-electric bikes are obsessed with cutting down as much weight as possible in order to increase speed. 

Cutting down weight is not always the most helpful when it comes to electric bikes.

Sure, if the intent of the rider is to pedal manually for most of the ride, the increase in weight is probably not helpful for their speed.

For riders intending to use the “pedal assist” feature on the bike, an increase in weight is actually helpful.

This is because a heavier e bike is often correlated with a larger battery, which means there is more power to assist riders up hills. 

But, the “helpful” increase in weight on an electric bike is only true to a point, as bikes are made of many different types of material.

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If a rider is looking at buying two different electric bikes with the same exact motor and wattage, and one of the bikes is heavier than the other, it is probable that the lighter bike will be faster. 

The bottom line when it comes to weight: analyze the wattage, motor, and other features that are important to you first.

Once you’ve narrowed your selection down to a few bikes that will give you the most power, it’s acceptable to compare the weight of each bike to the rest of the bikes in the selection. 

Best mode for climbing hills 

The best mode for climbing hills largely depends on how much assist you need on the climb, and how far you’re intending to ride in total.

If you’re powering up a steep incline and don’t feel comfortable setting your e bike on low power, there’s no shame in increasing the amount of assist you need to get up the hill.

But, if you’re planning on going for a long ride, you should try to keep your batter alive as long as possible.

You can do this by setting the bike on a low power mode.

That can extend the amount of power taking you further. 

Wrapping up 

All in all, the RipCurrent S: Electric Fat-Tire Bike is the way to go for those looking to purchase a fat tire electric bike.

While the price is certainly up there, the bike is sure to live up to all of your expectations when it comes to electric bikes.

Additionally, the RipCurrent S: Electric Fat-Tire Bike rolls up hills and over rocky terrain smoothly and does double duty as both a commuter and sport bike. 

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