Best Electric Bike for Tall Riders 2021 (Ultimate Guide)

by Bryan Ray | Last Updated: September 22, 2020

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Best Electric Bike for Tall Riders

I spent 55 hours researching the best electric bikes for tall people and I’ve narrowed it down to just five!

If you’re in a hurry…

…The best electric bike for tall riders is the Scrambler: Electric Adventure Bike! Check it out on Juiced Bikes by clicking here!

These five e bikes have the best features for tall riders to make your ride as comfortable as possible.

Let’s get started!

Top Picks At A Glance

sample-table__imageOur #1 ChoiceScrambler: Electric Adventure Bike
  • Bike frame is designed for all size riders!
  • Has 2 different models depending on where you like to ride!
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sample-table__imageAddmotor MOTAN Electric Bike
  • Fully adjustable to fit your size!
  • Battery lasts long which means longer rides!
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sample-table__imageENGWE Upgrade Fat Tire Electric Bike
  • Can handle any terrain!
  • Folds up and fits in your trunk!
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sample-table__imageECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike
  • Battery can be removed and recharged anywhere you go!
  • Almost no assembly required!
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Scrambler: Electric Adventure Bike

You can put the Scrambler Electric Adventure Bike to the test because this e-bike can handle any adventure your taking!

The frame is designed to fit anyone from 5’4” and taller. Which makes this one of the most pefect electric bikes for tall people!

It can travel up to 28 miles per hour and can go nearly 45 miles on one charge.

There are two different models of the Scrambler and they both come stock with a 52V battery and a 750W motor.

The two models are the City Scrambler and the Camp Scrambler.

City Scrambler is best suited for concrete due to its puncture-resistant tires.

Camp Scrambler is one of the best electric bikes for trail riding because the tires feature better tread and traditional spoke wheels.

If you want to choose your level of exertion, the pedal assist in the Scrambler bikes allows you to do so.

Maybe you hit a hill you can’t climb on your own, or you’re commuting to work and don’t want to break a sweat.

No problem!

It’s a great fit for all fitness levels because of this feature.

To make your experience even better, you can purchase a few different upgrades for this bike but…

…the one I like the best is the battery upgrade.

Since the electric bike experience basically lives and dies with the battery, it’s important to have options.

With Scrambler, you can purchase a 52V 13Ah battery or a 52V 19Ah battery.

Adjustments are also plentiful on this bike to help you find just the right fit for you.

Since the seat and handlebars are completely adjustable, and it can hold up to 275lbs, it’s really a great fit for heavy riders and tall people.

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Addmotor MOTAN Electric Bike

Save time and frustration on the Addmotor MOTAN Electric Bike because it is almost 100% assembled in the box!

Tools come with the bike to attach the seat, handlebars, pedals and front wheel.

This process allows you to adjust each of those components to find just the right fit while assembling your new toy!

Save yourself some back pain!

This bike can accommodate riders up to 6’2” tall because it is highly adjustable.

If your height also brings some weight along with it, no worries!

This e-bike can hold up to 300lbs, making it an awesome choice for heavy riders and taller people.

You can travel 55-65 miles on this bike before you need to recharge, which makes it an excellent option for longer trails and touring activities.

This is because it has one of the best batteries!

The 48V 16Ah battery pack comes standard on the Addmotor MOTAN bike.

It takes about 6-7 hours to charge the battery to full life, so be sure to plan ahead!

If appearance is your priority, rest assured that you’ll look awesome on this moped-style bike.

It’s got fat tires, a low profile and a sleek paint job. If you’re all about style, you’ll be all about this bike!

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ENGWE Upgrade Fat Tire Electric Bike

ENGWE Upgrade Fat Tire Electric Bike
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Tackle any terrain from snow to sand to concrete with the ENGWE Electric Bike!

The fat tires on this bike not only offer stability for taller riders, but also durability for various landscapes.

These tires are both anti-slip and anti-puncture with excellent treads for any occasion.

Multiple modes allow you to choose your level of exertion during your ride.

You can keep the pedal assist low, which allows you to work harder and burn more calories.

Or you can go into full electric mode and save yourself some energy.

This e-bike offers a ton of mobility and portability by folding up to fit inside the trunk of your car.

If you’ve had bikes in the past that are difficult to transport, this one will make your life so much easier.

Simply fold it up, throw it in the trunk and be on the way to your destination.

Its versatility makes this one of the greatest electric bikes for tall people, heavy riders, short riders, and everything in between.

This bike can hold more weight than any other bike I have reviewed for this article, which is a definite plus.

Check Price and Reviews on ECOTRIC

ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike

Spend more time riding and less time fussing with assembly instructions on this one.

It is 90% assembled when it arrives on your doorstep, which means you can focus on the fun part…

…riding it!

You can basically finish off the assembly and customize it to fit your needs and then be on your way.

If security is your thing, this bike is a great option for you.

The two braking systems:

  1. Outage
  2. Mechanical

Work in tandem with one another to provide you with one of the safest rides on the road.

This braking system ensure that you can stop when you need to and avoid potential accidents and injuries.

You can charge this bike from anywhere because the battery is removable.

Ecotric Fat Tire bike on the road

You can to commute to work or school and take the battery inside to charge.

When you’re ready to leave pop it back into the frame and ride home.

The battery is one of the most expensive parts of the e-bike. Being able to remove it will stop thieves and turning your day into a bad one!

Worry less about maintenance and upkeep with this aluminum alloy frame. It is rust-resistant and highly durable, making it one of the more attractive frames on the market.

Although it is ideal to store the bike indoors to protect it from the weather and the elements.

This frame can withstand quite a bit of nasty weather, as long as the battery is stored inside.

This is one of the best electric bikes because of the fat tires. You can take this e bike anywhere because the fat tires can ride anywhere.

You can ride on the beach or even the snow!

Check Price and Reviews on ECOTRIC

ANCHEER 26” City Bike

ANCHEER 26" Electric City Bike
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Protect your joints and your back with this nice, smooth ride!

It moves a bit slower than the other bikes I reviewed in this post but….

…it is also one of the smoothest rides you’ll find. It has a small, 12.5Ah battery and a 250W motor.

The ANCHEER bike will keep you comfortable in more ways than one. It has a low, step-through frame that is awesome if you have hip or knee problems.

You get your pick of three different modes for your ride depending on how you’re feeling.

You can choose a fully-electric mode. Allowing you to just enjoy the ride without working too hard.

If you prefer to get a great workout while riding, you can choose a normal biking mode, as well.

You will be extremely safe on this bike due to its superior braking system and lightweight frame.

The brakes feature front and rear disc brakes with all-weather capabilities.

The bike is really lightweight. Because of how lightweight it is you can stop on a dime if you need too.

If you have specific needs for handlebar and saddle height, this bike is fully customizable.

You can adjust various features on this bike for maximum comfort. It can adjust to a relaxed posture, or more competitive riding styles, depending on your preference.

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Best Electric Bike for Tall Riders Ultimate Buyers Guide

Although it’s not always the case, many tall people weigh more than short ones simply because they are taller.

Height is definitely a factor, as well.


…the heavier the weight of the rider, the more important certain features become.

So what does this mean for you?

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It means you need to keep reading and consider the following!

Adjustability is King!

The ability to adjust a bike in various ways is critical to the comfort of any rider, regardless of height.

When you look at e bikes online or in the store, be sure to review the adjustments that can be made.

You are looking for things that can be adjusted such as handlebars, saddles and pedals.


The handlebars are one of the most important adjustments that can be made for tall riders.

Depending on your riding style, you might want them to be lower to provide more aerodynamics or higher for a more relaxed ride.

You will also want to slide them forward and back to find just the right reach for you.

FYI: The “reach” is the angle at which your torso and arms reach when your hands are on the handlebars and you are seated on the bike.


For obvious reasons, the saddle is a key component of rider comfort and safety.

If you can’t adjust the saddle on a bike, just keep scrolling until you find a bike that does offer adjustability in this area.

Not all tall (or short) riders are created equal.

Being tall doesn’t necessarily equate to having long legs.

If a really tall rider has a long torso and short legs, he or she will need to be able to adjust the saddle for maximum comfort and safety.

Not having the saddle adjusted properly can cause discomfort in the knee and hip joint, not to mention cause other safety hazards while riding.


This one is definitely not a deal-breaker but…

…it can be a nice-to-have.

Some bike manufacturers also offer pedal adjustments on certain models.

I personally am not interested in adjusting anything other than my saddle and handlebars, but if you are, just know that the option is hard to come by!

Tires Can Make or Break Your Ride

The tires on e bikes are another really important consideration for electric bikes for tall people.

Most manufacturers have certain ratios that they use when designing bikes that perfectly balance the size of the tire with the size of the wheel.

In general, you will probably want a smaller wheel and a bigger tire.

There are exceptions to every rule, but most of the time, a fatter tire will offer more stability to a tall rider than a skinny wheel.

If you’re riding a road bike in the Tour de France, this is obviously not accurate, but then again, you can’t have an e-bike in the Tour de France anyway!

Look for e bikes with tires that are at least 2 inches wide because that will be the minimum width that you will need to feel stable and comfortable on the bike.

If you get too much thinner than that, you could risk having an unbalanced experience, feeling wobbly on e bikes.

You could even cause the tires to fold out over the wheels or pull away from the metal.

Don’t Ignore the Manufacturers Specifications

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you also want to check the specifications from the manufacturer.

Most bikes come with a recommended weight and height limit to let you know whether or not the bike is a good fit for you.

Although they tend to be on the conservative side, you still want to pay attention to the specs.

In this particular case, the ENGWE bike can hold more weight than any other bike that I reviewed.

It is also fully adjustable in all the areas we’ve discussed so far.

Those are the types of features you should be looking for when trying to choose a bike that is right for your height.

The Width of the Handlebars

The width of the handlebars is a very interesting but logical consideration for tall riders.

If you are tall with broad shoulders, it will be more comfortable for you to ride with your arms at least should-width apart.

If you purchase a bike made for shorter people, the handlebars will be more narrow and might cause tension in your shoulders and upper back.

For this, you can do a simple measurement across your shoulders.

Then, when searching for bikes online, simply read the specifications and look for handlebar lengths that meet or exceed your shoulder width. A

gain, this might seem like an odd thing to consider, but it will definitely make a difference in your riding experience.


By now, you should know that there are all sorts of things to consider when looking for an e-bike for a tall rider.

Doing your research on the front end can save you a ton of heartache and frustration on the back end.

Most online listings will give you all the information you need to know, but you might have to dig for the information (or just take our word for it)!

The Scrambler: Electric Adventure Bike is the clear winner for tall riders based on all of the key considerations.

Try for yourself and you’ll see that it offers the best comfort, adjustability and stability on the market.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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