5+ Best Electric Bike Under 1000 Dollars: Ultimate Guide 2021

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Best Electric Bike Under $1000

I spent more than 17 hours of researching electric bikes.

We are all busy in life and if you don’t have time to stay then…

the best electric bike under 1000 dollars is the Eahora 26inch V8 Electric Mountain Bike you can check it out on Amazon by clicking here!

But don’t take my word for it….

In this article, we will discuss the key features of each of the e bikes I researched and break down the specifics of charging times for batteries and how long they last.

We will also talk about important factors to consider when choosing the best electric bikes that will fit your price range.

Keep reading so you can find the perfect electric bike for you!

What's In This Guide?

      ★ Our Top Picks At A Glance ★

      Image Product Details
      sample-table__imageOur #1 ChoiceEahora XC100 26inch Electric Mountain Bike
      • You can ride for 80 miles on just one 5 hour charge!
      • Super lightweight frame and easily to assemble!
      Check on Amazon
      sample-table__imageNAKTO Fat Tire Electric Bike
      • The fat tires allows this e bike to ride on any surface!
      • It comes 95% assembled out the box!
      Check on Amazon
      sample-table__imageANCHEER 500W/250W Electric Bike
      • The ANCHEER Electric Bicycle has a powerful motor with 21 different gears!
      • It can hold a max of 330 lbs!
      Check on Amazon
      sample-table__imageTomasar Power Electric Bike
      • This e bike is foldable so it's easy to take anywhere!
      • The frame is rust resistant so it can handle any weather!
      Check on Amazon
      sample-table__imageYiilove 26” Electric Bike
      • Folding in half this e-bike can easily fit in your trunk!
      • It has 3 different rides modes to choose from!
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      sample-table__imageNAKTO 26” Cargo Electric Bicycle
      • All different heights can comfortably ride this electric bicycle!
      • Comes with a 1 year warranty on the battery!
      Check on Amazon

      Best Electric Bike Under $1000 reviews

      Eahora XC100 26inch Electric Mountain Bike

      The Eahora 26 inch electric mountain bike beats all the other electric bikes under 1000 on the market.

      It is simple to assemble and easy to ride.

      The kit comes with all the tools and instructions you need for assembly.

      Best of all…

      …it’s already 80% assembled in the box.

      Once you got it all put together, you can adjust the seat fit your height. You can also adjust the handlebars to your liking.

      The max weight this e-bike can hold is 250 pounds.

      The Eahora electric mountain bike has a thumb gear shift with 7 speeds.

      It can travel up to 80 miles or 5 hours on one charge!

      It just depends on which mode you have it in. This is great for both commuting and recreational purposes.

      The three modes offered on this electric mountain bike:

      You can choose your mode depending on your desired activity and exertion level.

      1. Electric Mode
      2. PAS Mode
      3. Fitness Mode

      Safety is a top priority on this electric bike. You can remove the battery and take it with you when you park somewhere.

      No thief is gonna have the chance to steal your battery!

      Batteries are expensive so removing it will save you a ton money.

      The battery casing is reinforced to avoid any issues when riding at the top speed.

      • You can travel long distances (up to 80 miles, depending on the mode being used) on a single charge
      • The battery will last about 5 hours before needing to be recharged, depending on speed and mode being used
      • The battery is removable so you can take it with you and not be concerned about theft
      • The drive system has a mute function so you can control the amount of noise during your ride
      • It has different modes to choose from so you can get a great workout, or just commute to and from your destination
      • The frame is light weight, yet durable so it will last even through some really tough rides
      • It comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose one that suits your personality
      • It has a limited weight capacity and will only hold 250 pounds, so if you’re bigger than that, this is not a great option for you

      NAKTO Fat Tire Electric Bike

      Natko Fat Tire Bike
      Check On Amazon
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      Picture cruising on the beach with your electric bike. Look no further than the NAKTO fat tire electric bike.

      The extra width of the tires can assist with balance and resistance on slick or unstable surfaces like sand.

      Even if you decide to ride around on pavement your in for one smooth ride.

      The fat tires don’t affect the top speed on your electric bike, which is a nice perk.

      The frame of this fat tire electric bike is high strength carbon-steel, so it’s a little heavier than the Eahora bikes.

      It is extremely durable, though….

      ….The NAKTO can handle up to 250 pounds!

      This fat tire electric bike features 6 speeds that are controlled by a thumb throttle. The gears shift smoothly up and down as you ride.

      It also has front and rear disc brakes to allow for extra safety and quick breaking if needed.

      But if you’re a speed demon like me you won’t!

      There are two different modes to choose from when riding.

      If you’re headed to work, you can choose the fully electric mode for commuting without working up a sweat.

      If you choose the pedal-assist mode, you will have to pedal in addition to the electric movement.

      In this mode your battery will last longer this way!

      The battery on this electric bike is a 36V lithium battery. It is removable for safety reasons, which is a great peace-of-mind.

      However, the battery will only last for 25-35 miles before needing to be recharged.

      • Extra thick tires for stability on the road and on uneven surfaces such as sand and snow
      • It offers a one-year warranty for the bike, parts and battery
      • It is 95% assembled when it arrives and needs only a small amount of assembly to get you on the road
      • It has a fully electric mode, as well as a pedal-assist mode so you can choose what your riding experience will be
      • The instructions that come with the bike aren’t very helpful, so you might have to call the manufacturer or do some online research to figure it out
      • It does not have suspension, so it doesn’t handle bumps or rocky terrain very well
      • The frame is a little bit heavy, so it’s not as easy to transport as some of the lighter bikes on the market

      ANCHEER 500W/250W Electric Bike

      ANCHEER 2019 Upgraded Electric Mountain Bike
      Check On Amazon Check On Ancheer
      If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

      This is a really good-looking electric bike with a 500W motor.

      It can comfortably reach a top speed of up to 20 mph and is a smooth ride on most terrains.

      It only takes 6 hours to charge the battery and your on your way.

      The battery can last for up to 25-40 miles. It just depends which mode you are using.

      The Ancheer electric bike has aa aluminum alloy frame…

      …so it’s really lightweight and easy to transport if you need.

      The frame is durable enough to handle up to 330 pounds!

      It’s easy to lift onto an electric bike rack on a bus or car.

      You can adjust the seat and handle bars to fit your needs. The manufacturer even offers information on how to make the adjustments and why you would change certain ones.

      Depending on your preferences and the length of your arms and legs, you could really enhance your experience.

      There are 21 gears on this electric bike!

      Which is way higher than the others we have discussed. If you’re a cyclist who enjoys the versatility of multiple gears, this is a great option for you.

      This electric bike offers three riding modes to change the ride experience:

      1. Electric bike
      2. Assisted bike
      3. Normal bike

      I really love the fact that this electric bike can be just a normal cycle if you want to get a good workout.

      If you get tired, or hit a hill you can’t climb on your own, you can always let the motor kick in to help.

      • It has a 500W motor, which allows the bike to go faster even with heavier loads
      • This bike can hold a max capacity of 330 pounds, which is the highest of all the bikes we have reviewed
      • There are three working modes for different cycling experiences: electric bike, assisted bike and normal bike
      • Fully adjustable handlebars and seat for maximum comfort and all body sizes
      • Really great for climbing mountain roads and getting a great workout in normal-bike mode
      • It has 21 gears to choose from when riding in normal bike mode. This can be good and bad, depending on your preferences
      • Lithium battery is removable to help avoid theft and offers a range of up to 40 miles on one charge
      • There is no warranty offered with this bike
      • 21 gears can be a blessing or a curse. Sometimes simple is better.
      • Color selection is limited to only black

      Tomasar Power Electric Bike

      This Tomasar electric bike features an ultra-lightweight frame and a carbon fiber fork system.

      It absorbs shock from the road really well.

      The frame is also rust and corrosion-resistant.

      The best part about the frame?

      It’s a folding electric bike!

      The handlebars and seat are fully adjustable for a perfect fit. The grips are ergonomically designed and the seat has extra padding to give you maximum comfort while riding.

      Are you planning on night rides?

      The Tomasar has front headlight just so you can enjoy rides at night!

      There are two distinct riding modes on this electric bike and 21 speed transmission system!

      The electric mode allows you to have an easy ride, with little effort.

      The pedal-assist mode requires some work on your part…

      …but also helps to save battery power.

      Which will make it last longer before needing to be charged.

      The 36V battery powers a 350W motor. It can travel distances of up to 31 miles, depending on which mode you’re riding in and how much weight you’re carrying.

      The battery of this folding electric bike takes about 4-6 hours to reach full charge which is crazy fast!

      This is an excellent folding electric bike for city streets and easy commutes.

      The 21 speeds can be overwhelming and unnecessary when riding really mountainous trails.

      • It is foldable, so you can transport it virtually anywhere
      • Handlebars and saddle are fully adjustable so you can find the right fit for your riding style
      • Easy to assemble and easy to operate
      • The battery will last up to 31 miles, depending on the load you put on it and which riding mode you’re using
      • The headlight on the front is a nice safety feature when riding at night

        Yiilove 26” Electric Bike

        The Yiilove electric bike is a great option for city rides, short commutes and paved mountain trails.

        It’s not really built for heavy mountain biking or strenuous climbs.

        The frame is really light and folds in half, so it’s easy to take on a bus or in the back of your truck or SUV.

        This folding electric bike also has really great shocks, which is nice if you’re riding some bumpy roads.

        It can be adjusted to fit your height, but is not ideal for anyone over 6 feet tall.

        This e-bike offers three different riding modes:

        1. Fully electric
        2. Assisted bicycle
        3. Normal bicycle

        The fully electric mode is great for commuting to and from work if you don’t want to be all sweaty when you get there.

        Assisted bicycle allows you to adjust to your own desired workload.

        Normal bicycle lets you ride it like a normal bike, which can give you a great workout.

        The 250W motor is a bit smaller than some of the other e bikes I’ve review in this article.

        It has a 36V battery and tops out at a top speed of about 18 mph.

        It can last about 17-20 miles on a single charge.

        It is definitely not designed for long distance rides.

        • It has a capacity of up to 300 pounds
        • It is light weight and easy to transport
        • It folds in half so it can fit into a truck or SUV fairly easily
        • The electrical system is not weather-proof so if it gets rained on, it could really damage the bike
        • It is not rust-resistant so you need to make sure you have somewhere to store it that is dry

        NAKTO 26” Cargo Electric Bicycle

        This is the ultimate cruiser for picking up a few groceries or carrying your laptop bag and other small items.

        Its retro-inspired frame makes it a fun bike to ride around town and turn a few heads.

        The carbon-steel frame has excellent shock absorption to make your ride as comfortable as it can be.

        Its weighs just 50 pounds, so it is easy to transport.

        Since this bike is designed with the commuter in mind…

        …it has a basket on the front and a cargo rack on the back.

        The design of the frame is awesome for short people and people with mobility problems.

        If you struggle to get your leg lifted up and over the cross-bar of a traditional bike you will be surprised!

        Some of the best electric bikes has a step-through design to make it easily accessible for anyone.

        There are two working modes on this bike.

        You can ride it in fully electric mode, or in pedal-assist mode.

        The 36V battery lasts between 22-38 miles

        It just depends on which mode you’re using and how much weight is on the e-bike.

        • Step-through design to allow people of all heights ability levels to get on and off
        • Really fun retro-inspired frame design
        • Front basket and rear cargo rack for carrying items to and from work, school, the store, etc.
        • One-year warranty on battery, bike and parts
        • The seat comes with a quick-release option so you can remove it from the bike when parked to discourage theft
        • The battery is also removable so you can park it without fear of theft
        • Assembly is required when the bike arrives, but the bike does not come with instructions for assembly. There are Youtube videos available, though.
        • The customer service from Nakto is notorious for being unresponsive
        • If anything is wrong with your bike upon delivery, you have to pay to ship it back as the company does not pay for return shipping and will not replace it unless you ship back the original one

        Best Electric Bike Under 1000 Dollars: Ultimate Buyers Guide

        Buying an electric bike under 1000 dollars can be a big purchase. It’s important to consider these key factors before choosing your bike.

        How Will You Use It?

        Deciding how you are going to use your e-bike is the most important consideration.

        It will affect all the other choices you need to make.

        Consider some of these questions:

        • Do you need it primarily as a mode of transportation?
          • For short commutes to and from work, a smaller battery and motor will suffice.
        • Do you plan to use it for fitness purposes?
          • You will likely want one with pedal-assist or normal-bike mode.
        • Do you plan to go off-roading on your bike?
          • If you’re going to be climbing a lot of hills, the torque will come into play, as will the location of the motor on the frame.
        • How far do you want to be able to travel on your bike?
          • If you’re going long distances, you will need one with a battery that can power 400 watt hours or more.

        Once you think about your reason for purchasing an e-bike, you can make decisions on the following attributes.

        Weight of the Electric Bike

        The weight of the electric bikes are going to affect other aspects of your experience.

        It can have an impact on how fast the electric bike will go and how portable it is.

        It can sometimes limit the load capacity that it can hold. The weight can also affect your ability to ride incline trails or mountain roads.

        In general, lighter is better. The lighter the electric bike is, the more versatile it will be for your needs.


        Most e-bikes are constructed from one of the following materials:

        • steel
        • aluminum
        • titanium
        • carbon fiber

        Steel looks really sleek and is extremely durable. It offers a high load-bearing capacity and absorbs the majority of the shock from bumps in the road.

        However, it’s sometimes heavier and more expensive to mass-produce than other materials. 

        Aluminum is a widely used material for electric bike frames because it is rust-resistant.

        Which is really good if you live in a rainy area!

        However, aluminum will not give you the same shock-absorption that steel offers. It also offers high load-bearing qualities and is inexpensive.

        Titanium has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all metals.

        It is more durable than all the other materials, but also really light, which makes electric bikes easy to maneuver.

        Carbon fiber is used for high-end electric bikes and performance electric bikes.

        It has great shock-absorption and offers more design possibilities for electric bikes frame because it is easy to mold and shape.

        It’s key advantage is that it is lighter than any of the materials.

        You should also consider folding electric bikes. Folding electrics bikes are much easier to store than ones that don’t!

        This will save you a ton of space.

        The Motor

        All of the design features are great, but they don’t mean anything…

        …if you don’t have any POWER!

        Most electric bikes have the power of their motors expressed in watts. The higher the wattage, the higher the power.

        The best electric bikes have higher wattage and longer ride times. If you can find high watts and a long-lasting battery, that’s a win-win!

        The Warranty

        As I mentioned earlier, an electric bicycle can be a really big investment. During the research and purchasing process, be sure to protect your investment!

        Look for a manufacturer who offers a two-year warranty if you can find one. Sometimes, it costs a little extra for the warranty, but it’s well worth it.

        How Long Does It Take to Charge an E-Bike?

        E-bike batteries typically take between 4-8 hours to fully charge.

        The times will vary based on the size of the battery, the type of motor it is powering and how low it is when you plug it in.

        For example, the Eahora XC100 electric mountain bike battery is a 48V battery.

        The bike features a 350W motor. In order for the battery to power this motor, it needs to charge for 5-6 hours.

        On the other hand, the Ecotric fat tire bike has a smaller, 36V battery. But it powers a 500W motor, so it takes 7-8 hours to fully charge.

        Regardless of which e-bike you choose, it’s important to read the manufacturer’s instructions regarding charge times for your bike.

        Each of the e bikes I have reviewed today have different charging times that are based on the size of the bike’s individual battery and the motor.

        It’s also important to note that most e-bike batteries will come with the recommendation to charge for at least 10 hours for the first three charges.

        This will help to make sure that the battery reaches its full potential right away.

        How Long Do E-Bikes Batteries Last?

        Like anything else, the life cycle of your e-bike battery will depend on how well you care for it.

        Taking care of your e-bike battery includes the following:

        • Store the bike in a dry place such as a garage, shed, or inside your home
        • Keep it somewhere that is consistently cool, as opposed to somewhere that it will be exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations
        • Be sure to purchase a good brand of battery from one of the top manufacturers such as Samsung, Panasonic or Sony. Knock-offs are cheaper, but you get what you pay for.
        • Store it with somewhere between 40-80% of its full charge. Storing the battery fully charged or fully depleted will both do considerable damage.
        • Do not regularly discharge your battery to 0%

        For additional information about lithium batteries, check out Battery University.

        If you take really great care of your battery as described above, it can last anywhere from 2-6 years.

        The life of your battery can also depend on the number of miles you’ve ridden your bike and what modes you’ve used.

        If you regularly load the electric bike to its full capacity, chances are that the battery will lose its life much faster.

        You need to use the right mode in the right moment.

        For example, if you’re using turbo mode when you’re pedaling along smooth surfaces, you are using more battery than you really need.

        So save that for when you really need it.

        Advantages of Electric Bikes

        It’s no secret that the world continues to evolve with more and more technology.

        In many way, technology has improved our quality of life.

        Electric bikes are no different.

        Whether you use e-bikes as a mode of transportation or exercise, it can be a great thing. Here are some of the advantages of using an e-bike.

        Assisted Cycling

        Assisted cycling is an excellent mode of exercise for people of all ages and abilities.

        Unfortunately, many traditional e bikes make it difficult for individuals to take advantage of this type of exercise.

        Most e-bikes offer a “pedal-assist” technology, which is exactly what it sounds like.

        You can pedal e bikes just like a traditional bike, but there is a little bit of a boost coming from the bike

        This is really helpful if you get to an incline that is too much for you to handle, or if you just need some help getting through a longer ride.

        It can also decrease the amount of pressure on your joints during a workout or a leisurely ride.

        Energy Efficiency

        Electric bikes under 1000 dollars offer a fun and eco-friendly mode of transportation.

        If you’re on a mission to help save the environment by cutting down on your carbon footprint, this is a great way to do it.

        E-bikes do not give off any emissions and are therefore extremely beneficial to the environment.

        This can help to improve the air quality in your community.

        Save Money

        If you ride e bikes instead of driving of a car, you will reduce the amount of money you spend on the basic upkeep of a vehicle.

        Gas, oil changes and routine maintenance of a vehicle can add up over time.

        E bikes require very little maintenance aside from charging the battery on a regular basis.

        If you ride it enough, you will have to replace tires over time, but that applies to vehicles, as well.

        E bikes tires are far less expensive than car tires!


        The Eahora XC100 electric mountain bike is the winner for electric bikes under 1000 click here to check it out on Amazon.

        It is an excellent choice for commuters and fitness enthusiasts alike. It is a blast to ride and can definitely get you where you’re going.

        Choosing an electric bikes under 1000 dollars is a big decision, but with some careful consideration, you can find one that suits your needs.

        The Eahora XC100 electric mountain bike meets all of the requirements in my book! It is highly durable, delivers a smooth riding experience and lasts the longest.

        If you want to preserve the environment, save money on transportation, and have a great option for exercise, this is your trifecta!

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