5 Best Truck Bed Bike Rack in 2021: [Ultimate Buyers Guide]

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We’ve all seen this…

You’re driving down the road and you pull up next to a truck with old, beat up, rusty bikes in the bed.

They are all tied together with bungee cord and they look like they are about to fall out at any moment.

So what’s the best solution?

Instead of trying to jury-rig your bikes and hope they stay in place a truck bed bike rack is your safest bet.

There are a lot of good options but I searched and found the best truck bed bike rack is the Thule Insta-Gator check it out on Amazon by clicking here!

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Thule Insta-Gator Truck Mount

Installation of the Thule Insta-Gator Truck Mount is quick and easy. Simply open the tailgate of your truck, loosen and insert the retention straps, close your tailgate, and ratchet the straps down tight.

That’s it!

No unnecessary drilling or bolting. 

The Thule Insta-Gator is a stable and secure bike rack.  The Secure Hook holds your bike by grabbing the front wheel.

No contact is made with the frame of your bike. Enjoy peace of mind while traveling long distances with your bike. 

The Insta-Gator fits bikes with a 20” to 29” wheel diameter and up to 3” wide tires. Up to 2 Insta-Gators can be used with tailgates 34” or greater. Up to 3 can be used with tailgates 51” or greater.

You can lock your bike to the bike rack the Thule One-Key cylinder that is sold separately. 

Many owners of the Insta-Gator bike mount reported ease of use from start to finish. Many commented that installation requires minimal effort.

Also, loading and unloading is a breeze. Some described that the Insta-Gator was able to keep their bikes stabilized on bumpy roads and long road trips.

Rage Powersports 4-Bike Pickup Truck Bed Bicycle Rack

The Rage Powersports 4-Bike Pickup Truck Bicycle Rack is a quick and efficient way to transport up to 4 bicycles. Its pin clip connections make installation easy without requiring any additional tools. 

This bike rack is built solid. It’s made with quality steel tube construction and has a smooth black finish.

It has thick, foam pads that help prevent damage to the bicycle spokes and gearing.

It is designed to securely transport one to four bikes in the bed of a pickup truck.  It can fit in truck beds that measure between 52.75 to 73 inches wide.

Its protective foam pads measure 2 inch diameter.

It is recommended to use cargo tie-down straps to secure bicycles together, to the rack, and to the truck bed. Cargo Straps are not included. 

Many owners reviewed that the instructions that come with the Rage Powersports are poor and not user-friendly. Some experienced difficulty trying to get the rack to fit correctly.

The few people who were happy with their purchase liked it for its ability to transport up to 4 bikes and affordability. 

I highly suggest checking out the Rage Sports on Amazon by clicking here!

Heininger Automotive 2025 Advantage Sports Truck BedRack

The Heininger Automotive 2025 Advantage SportsRack is a secure and effortless way to transport multiple bikes quickly.

With this bike rack, you can leave your tires on. All you need to do is roll the rear tire of your bikes into place and use the adjustable securing bar to fix them in place.

This rack also features non-slip feet to provide extra stability and protection to your truck. 

Installation is seamless with this bike rack. It secures to the inner walls of your truck bed using rubberized stabilizers to prevent damage to your truck.

Wingnut type screws are included to twist the stabilizers into place. No additional tools or drilling are required to assemble the SportsRack. 

The 2025 Advantage SportsRack fits most truck beds and can be used outside a truck bed as a portable bike rack. This rack includes a full-sized spacer. 

It. extends from 54.5 to 66.5 inches without a spacer and from 60.5 to 72.5 inches with a full-sized spacer. A 1-Advantage 72 inch lockable cable is also included but a lock will need to be purchased separately.

All Heininger Advantage SportsRack units are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. 

Many customers complained about the rack being poorly constructed and had issues with it staying secure in their truck bed.

There were numerous reports from truck owners with bed liners that the rack was too wide. Many mentioned that they had missing pieces when they received their SportsRack. 

On the other hand, many customers praised The 2025 Advantage SportsRack for being sturdy, lightweight, and affordable.

A pattern among customers who had a positive experience was the use of bungee cables.

Based on customer feedback, the Heininger Automotive 2025 Advantage SportsRack Bedrock would be a better solution for families versus hard-core bike enthusiasts.

If you are interested in learning more about the Heininger Sports Truck Bed Rack on Amazon by clicking here!

Swagman Pickup Truck Bike Rack

The Swagman Pickup Truck Bike Rack is easy to install. The Telescoping Bar has rubber padded ends to grip your bed rails without any drilling. Which means no worrying about damaging the bed of your truck!

It can adjust to fit almost any truck bed size.

With this durable bike rack, you can transport your bikes from point A to point B with peace of mind. Bikes are secured on the fork mount blocks.

These blocks include 9mm, Quick Release skewers that anchor your bikes to the rack. The 9mm Quick Release skewers secure your bike forks to the carrier.

There are 2 tubular, high-security keys included that secure the rack to the bed of your truck. 

The Swagman Pickup Truck Bike Rack can transport up to 2 bikes. The bar has an adjustable length of 52” – 69”. This rack has a weight capacity of 35 pounds per bike. 

Swagman owners praised it for its solid build and ease of use. Many owners reported that locking it into place requires minimal effort.

Once it’s locked, it won’t budge. However, some Swagman purchasers disclosed that the Fix Locking Mechanism did not work.  

If you want to find out why the Swagman Pick Up Truck Bike Rack is one of Amazon’s Top Choices click here!

Top Line UG2500-2 Uni-Grip Truck Bed Bike Rack for 2 Bike Carrier

The Top Line UG2500-2 Uni Grip Truck Bed Bike Rack provides quick and simple installation.

The rack consists of 3 clamps and 2 bars. The 1st clamp fastens to the edge of the truck. The 2nd connects to the seat tube of your 1st bike. The 3rd connects to the seat tube of your 3rd bike.

There are 2 metal rods that hold the 3 clamps together.  The Top Line UG2500 can be mounted within 2 minutes!

The most noticeable feature about the Top Line UG2500-2 Uni-Grip Truck Bed Bike Rack is that it is small.

It is much smaller than your typical truck rack without sacrificing functionality. The 2 Bike carrier is only 20 inches long and weighs only 4 pounds. 

The UG2500-2 comes with a security system that includes a bike chain with a lock and set of keys.

This bike rack can accommodate up to 2 bikes. Users have the ability to connect 1-2 more bikes with the purchase of additional bike carriers.

The UG2500-2 can be used in trucks with or without bed liners and does not require drilling. 

The Top Line UG2500-2’s light-weight design left a positive impression on most buyers. Many mentioned how its design makes it easy to assemble, disassemble, and store.

The most common fault against this bike rack was that it was not compatible with all truck beds or bikes. 

I highly recommend checking out this by rack on Amazon by clicking here!

INNO Truck Bed Bike Mount System

The INNO Truck Bed Bike Mount is a space-saving bike transportation solution.

The INNO frees up 90% of your truck bed by using clamps to hug your bike towards the edge. The clamps weigh 3.8 pounds all together making for easy storage. 

Installation is simple!

First, attach the clamps to the edge of your truck bed side. Then use the built-in D-Rings to tie down your bike to the clamps. Hardware is included and there is no drilling required. 

You can choose between Standard Clamps and C-Channel clamps to secure the mount to the truck bed side rails. 

Standard Clamps are recommended for truck rails with a smooth side interior.

C-Channel clamps are recommended for pickups that have a lip under the side truck panel.

The D-Rings can be adjusted to fit any type of bike without having to remove a tire.

INNO Bike Mount owners had positive things to say about how quick and easy this product was to use from start to finish.

Installing the clamps to the truck rails took less than 15 minutes for most people. Securing your bike to the D-Rings takes less than 2 minutes. 

Despite the INNO’s small stature, many users reported that it does not sacrifice stability.

The INNO is able to keep your bike in place even while driving around quick turns and bumpy roads.

For extra peace of mind, some owners recommend using a bungee strap. A handful of purchasers experienced damaging their bikes finish where the D-Rings made contact with their bike. 

If you like having or need extra space in your truck bed while storing your bikes I highly recommend checking out this bike rack on Amazon by clicking here!

The Ultimate Buyers Guide For Best Truck Bed Bike Racks

above truck bed bike rack


Many different factors come into play when you are choosing the best bike rack for your car at the right price.

You need to consider the number of bikes, the size of the rack, and the manufacturer.

It’s very important you choose a rack that fits your needs while staying in your price range.

You need a bike rack that fits perfectly in the bed of your truck and keeps your bike safe while you’re on the road.

If you’re dead set on getting something you can’t afford it’s best to just wait or borrow it from a friend until you can afford it.

The Amount Of Bikes You Are Taking

This is the most important feature to consider when you are looking for a bike rack. The more people who want to join your biking adventures the more spots you’ll need.

To make sure you can accommodate all you’re friends or family you need to think ahead to the maximum number of bikes you want to take.

Most truck bed bike racks can take four bikes maximum. If you are just starting out holding two bikes would be just fine.


truck transporting bike with bike rack

Bike racks have different security features and some are definitely better than others. Some racks will clamp down to your truck. That will make it very hard to steal the actual rack.

Other bike racks will lock the bike to the rack. A thief will be able to steal both your rack and bike at the same time.

Other options are no lock at all or both locking to the rack and the truck.

Personally, I trust no one and leave my bike locked at all times. But, if you plan on leaving your bike unattended for any period of time its something to consider.

During trips, while you stop at a rest stop, get gas, or a quick bite to eat its important that nobody robs for your bike.

Manufacturers Reputation

I want you to get the best quality product possible that is why I have done the research to make sure to include only the best bike racks.

If you are looking into other options of truck bed bike racks its important to consider the manufacturer.

Some manufacturers use cheap material that don’t last long in bad weather conditions. The worst thing you could do is purchase a rack that ends up breaking down fast.

You risk damage to your car and your bikes. I suggest checking out customer reviews. Most of the reviews are unbiased and will give you a good idea of what you are getting before you get it.

Truck Bed Size

Truck bed bike racks are no good if they are too large for your truck. If you have a short cab truck then a rack might be too big to fit.

Make sure your measure out your truck bed to make sure it all fits before you make a purchase.

Most bike racks will have the specs so you don’t accidentally purchase something that doesn’t fit.

You should also consider the length of your bikes. The last thing you want is your bike sticking out of the back because it doesn’t fit in the truck bed.

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