5+ Best Trunk Mounted Bicycle Rack 2021 (Ultimate Guide)

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Biking around your home is a great way to get in some good exercise when you first start out.

But, do you find yourself wanting to explore more on your bike? Maybe you found a great bike trail or stretch of road that’s really far away.

Riding there and back would be exhausting.

An even bigger problem is most bicycles can’t fit in the trunk of your car. If you can fit one good luck trying fit more, trust me I’ve tried.

So, if you are driving far away or you just have multiple bikes you are bringing with you then a trunked mounted bike rack is the perfect solution.

I have reviewed a ton of bikes racks and have narrowed down the best bike racks that will fit your needs perfectly.

If you are itching to hit the road ASAP the best trunk mounted bicycle rack is the Yakima FullBack bike carrier on Amazon.

Comparison Table

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Yakima FullBack 2 Bike Carrier

yakima fullback bike rack

After going through a ton of different bike racks the Yakima FullBack is far ahead of the rest of the pack.

The FullBack comes out of the box fully assembled. You don’t need tools to install it to your car and it should take only about 5 minutes. Some people have found it hard to follow the directions in the manual.

Fortunately, they have an install video that is super helpful that you can watch below!

Many different types of bikes fit on the Fullback including:

Pro Tip: If your bicycle frame is too small, normally a child or women bike, check out the Yakima TubeTop Adapter on Amazon. This adapter designed to fit kids and women bikes to all Yakima mounts and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The SKS locking package can help prevent a thief from stealing the rack from off your car by anchoring it to your trunk. The strap comes with the bike rack.

It makes me feel a lot better knowing that nobody can just come up to my car and walk away with my bike rack. Also, you don’t have to worry about leaving it on your car overnight.

Your bicycle is secured to the rack by the patented technology of 3 ZipStrips. 2 of them are located at the top and 1 on the side to stop the bikes from swaying and hitting each other.

One great thing about the ZipStrips is that can be completely take off easily so it’s not hard to take your bike off the rack. The ZipStrips kind of remind of zip ties.

Yakima Fullback 2 Mounted to car with diagram

Yakima provides a lifetime warranty with the FullBack.

Once you purchase the bike rack all you have to do is register it over at Yakima’s website and you never have to worry about it breaking.

If there is a recall, they will notify you and you can send it in to get fixed for free!

Personally, my favorite feature is the bottle open. Sure it’s a small feature, but what’s better than after a long ride than enjoying a nice cold beer with friends?

  • Features a locking package to your car
  • Has soft cushion material on ZipStrips and arms so your bicycle frame won’t scratch
  • ZipStrips easy to remove and put back on
  • Arms fold down for easy storage or extra room when parking
  • Premium high-gloss finish
  • Bottle opener
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Installation instruction manual is hard to follow
  • Small bikes need an extra adapter
  • Heavier bicycle rack

Thule Gateway Bike Mount

Thule gateway bike mount

Thule is a top market leader in cargo carriers for automobiles and they specialize in bicycle racks! It’s one of the best bike racks on this list.

The Gateway is made with high-quality material, yet Thule has made it very affordable. Best of all, it’s designed to fit all cars with factory installed spoilers.

One thing I really like is that while driving you won’t be impacted by having bikes strapped to your trunk.

Not to mention…

you don’t have to worry about your bikes banging up against each other causing damage to them or your car. Anti-Sway cages will prevent any movement while you drive.

For long car rides, you don’t want to be concerned that your bicycle could fall off your car at any moment. The holdfast cradles and anti-sway cages will hold everything firmly in place so you can breathe a sigh of relief.

anti-sway cage and hold fast cradle

The Fit Dial mounting system is patented by Thule and is why this made the top of my list. The Fit Dial moves each arm that holds your bicycle so that you can get the perfect fit!

Fit Dial

A few other key features:

  • Comes with a fit guide for your car
  • Switch-level that independently adjusts bikes arms to fit any frame
  • Folds up flat for easy storage
  • Straps are designed to fit all cars
  • Self-fastener holder for the straps left in excess
  • A lot of space in between each bike

As it is with most things, the first install might take a little longer. After the first few times, you can expect to be able to set everything up and be on the road in about 5 minutes!

Pro Tip: This bike rack is not lockable to your car. I would suggest that you don’t leave it on your car overnight because it could get stolen. If you do plan on leaving the rack on all the time you can check out the Thule passive lock strap on Amazon.

Pro Tip: If you are planning on leaving your bicycle on your car while you stop for a bit I suggest, just to be safe, you put a Thule cable lock on it you can check it out Amazon.

  • Easy to install
  • Fits most cars
  • Self fastners to tie down excess straps
  • Bicycles stay tightly secured
  • Bikes won’t damage each other
  • Bike rack doesn’t lock to your car
  • Extra lock is need to lock bike to the rack

Head over to Amazon to check out the Thule Gateway and find out why it’s so popular!

Saris Bones 2-Bike Trunk Rack

saris bones 2 bike rack

If you are looking for a durable rack that can withstand the elements then the Saris Bones 2 might just be your answer!

The arms and legs are injection-molded making them the strongest legs on the market. Saris is all about the environment too! This bike rack is made from 100% recyclable material that doesn’t rust.

Not only are you helping the environment but you don’t have to worry about the rain or snow damaging this bike rack.

One major concern I always have is not messing up the paint job on my car. With rubber feet and 4 rubber hooks, you won’t have to worry about getting your car scratched up.

The cradle straps ratchet down to get a tight snug fit around your bicycle frame. The inside of the hooks and cradle straps are padded so that the frame of your car and bicycle doesn’t get scratched.

There are also 2 anti-sway hooks to prevent your bikes from moving while you drive.

Here are some other amazing features:

  • Arc design to keep your bicycles spaced out
  • Frame fits over most spoilers
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Light-weight

Unfortunately, one downside is that in the wind the front wheels will turn while you drive. A very easy solution would be to wrap a bungee cord around the front wheel to the frame.

If you don’t have a bungee cord check out the Saris wheel stabilizer pack on Amazon because they will also fix this issue.

  • Strongest frame on the market
  • Enviromentally friendly
  • Doesn’t rust
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Light weight
  • Wheels turns in the wind while driving

Be sure to check it out on Amazon to see all the great reviews!

Hollywood Racks Expedition F6

Expedition F6 bicycle carrier

Are you looking for a sturdy bike rack that won’t break the bank? The Hollywood Rack Expedition F6 is a well-built rack that can carry as many 3 bikes!

One feature that no other rack has on this list is at the end of the arms are reflectors.

These reflectors help other drivers see bicycle rack sticking out of the car, especially at night. This way they won’t run into your car causing an accident and damaging your bike.

The large cradles on the arms move along the arms to prevent bike-bike contact. They are made of rubber and have large grooves to grip the bike in place and to make room for the brake cables.

This cradle has the anti-sway to reduce the movement of the bicycle while you are driving. This will ensure that you get from point A to B without causing any damage to the bicycles.

Expedition F6 has a safety strap as an extra measure to make sure everything stays in place. The added measure is an extra relief that bikes will stay on for the entire trip.

Pro Tip: A women’s bike isn’t large enough to fit on the rack. If you have a women’s bike the Yakima bike adapter will work great for this rack as well.

A lot of newer Prius owners have complained that the rack doesn’t fit their car. This rack is advertised highly towards the Prius so I understand the disappointment. If you own a 2016 or newer you should look for something different.

  • Can carry 35 lbs. per bike
  • Clears spoilers on car
  • Quick release adjustment hubs
  • Folds flat when storing
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Doesn’t fit new Prius models as advertised

The Expedition F6 is a well built sturdy rack at a very affordable price. Check it out on Amazon and find out why it’s one of Amazon’s choice products.

Allen Sports Premier Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

Allen sports premier bicycle mount

This is the perfect bike rack for a family outing made by a family owned business. The Allen Sports Premier holds 4 bicycles which is the most on my list!

The patent-pending design most fits:

  1. Sedans
  2. SUV’s
  3. Minivans
  4. Hatchbacks

It’s one of the easiest and quickest setups right out of the box. The quick snap design literally makes the set up a snap! Cheesy I know! When you aren’t using the rack it folds completely flat for storage.

The 21-inch arms can easily fit the 4 bikes and space them out so they can’t damage each other.  The arms support a max weight of 140 lbs. which will be more than enough for all your bicycles.

Quick secure straps are durable and once they are strapped down won’t need to be adjusted or retightened for the entire ride. It will save you time because you won’t have to stop every hour to fix the straps.

The extra-wide foot at the bottom of the rack is design to support and stabilize all the bikes you are bringing. This will protect your car from taking any damage.

Premier bike rack with bike on it

Pro Tip: The clips that latch onto your trunk to help stabilize the rack are bare metal. Unfortunately, this can begin to scratch your paint. A solution to this problem is to tape some foam to the clips to protect your car.

This rack does cover up your license plate. This can be a problem if a cop is driving by. One way to get around this issue is to get a temp plate made and tap it to your window. That way a cop won’t pull you over for this minor issue.\

  • Easy set up
  • Fits 4 bikes
  • Quick secure straps dont need readjuments
  • Long 21 inch arms creates space for bicycles
  • Great for long road trips
  • Clips are made of metal and can scratch car
  • Rack covers license plate

This rack is great whether you have to go 10 miles down the road or across the country click here to check it out on Amazon!

Tyger Deluxe Black 2-Bike Trunk Mount

tyger black mount

If you are looking for a great bike rack at a low price the Tyger Deluxe Black is a perfect choice.

The bike rack has a black E-coating that makes it rust resistant. E-coating will keep the rack in good condition for a long time without having to worry about the weather.

It can withstand 1000 hours of salt spray!

Women’s bikes are able to be mounted onto the rack with no problem. This will save you some money because you won’t have to purchase an adapter.

Pro Tip: If you have a rear spoiler on your care this trunk mount will not fit your car.

The Tyger bike carrier was not made for any vehicle over 18 feet long. This means that you can’t use it on RV’s, trailers, and campers.

  • 100% assembled out the box
  • Black E-coating is rust resistant
  • Idividual cradles protects bicycle frame
  • Women’s bicycles can be mounted
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Doesn’t fit on RV’s, trailers, and campers
  • Can’t fit on cars with rear spoilers

If you are interested in finding out why it’s one of Amazon’s top choices click here to find out.

The Ultimate Buyers Guide For Trunk Mounted Bike Racks

Before you buy a trunk rack it’s a good idea to know the pros and cons of this type of rack.

Keep reading and I will quickly break down some important factors you should consider before you make your choice.

Pros Of A Trunk Bike Rack

There are many reasons why a trunk-mounted bike rack is a great choice.

First, they are super easy to put onto your car. On top of that, most of them don’t need any extra tools and snap into place straight out of the box.

This type of bike rack is one of the most affordable and reliable that you can choose.

Your bike is secure because of the straps that connect it to the rack. Which will give you the peace of mind that your bike and car won’t be damaged

Lastly, you can take multiple bikes with you wherever you go. If you have a family or friends everyone is invited on your adventures!

Cons Of A Trunk Bike Rack

As with most things the good must come with the bad. There are a few reasons why a trunk bike rack might not be the greatest option for you.

You will lose access to your trunk. While you save space in your car you won’t be able to use your trunk.

Also, if you don’t install your bike rack the correct way you could cause paint damage or even dents. But, this can be easily avoided by making sure to follow directions.

Bicycle Rack Features You Should Consider Before You Buy


You want to avoid buying a bike rack that looks like it takes a Ph.D. to put together. Most trunk mounted racks aren’t like that. They have a very simple design which makes the install easy.

The rack should fit right over your trunk. The hooks will hook into different points around your trunk. Tighten the straps and you’re off.

The excess straps will get tied down so they don’t blow in the wind. Most installations only take about 5 minutes. Although it might take you longer if it’s your first time.

Fitting Onto Your Car

Probably the most important factor to consider before making your ultimate decision. You HAVE to make sure the bike rack that you like will fit your car.

Most trunk racks are universal and will fit almost any car. Which is a huge plus. But, there is a small chance that your car might not work.

If you do like a particular model I suggest going on their website to make sure. Most manufacturers will have a bicycle rack fit guide so you can size it before you buy it.

Number Of Bicycles You Can Take

You don’t want to limit yourself by the number of bikes you take with you on a trip. Unfortunately, unlike other bike racks, trunk mounted bike racks can only fit a certain number of bikes.

Once you choose that number you can’t add any more bikes safely to the rack. The standard for the least amount you can take is normally two. So if you think there’s a possibility you might need more just keep it in mind.


You can’t help it when road conditions are terrible or the weather is crazy. The last thing you want are your bikes to be swinging all over the place.

Most bike racks have anti-sway cradles to stop that from happening. It will protect your bikes from hitting each other. Which will cause frame damage like dents, chips, and scratches.

It will also protect your car from contacting your bicycle. Which will cause the same damage but also to your car.

The anti-sway cradles will also make sure bikes stay on the racks. Swaying around could cause the straps around your bike to loosen. The cradles will make sure the bike won’t move around and end up flying off your car.

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