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A garage is a place where your things go to disappear and never be found again. Boxes with stuff you forgot you even had are stacked up and your car barely squeezes in.

With the limited space you have, it can be difficult to fit everything that you own. Your car isn’t the only set of wheels you have that you want to take care of.

It would be horrible if you accidentally hit your bike while parking your car. The best thing is you have a few different storage solutions.

In my opinion, the best way to store bikes in garage is by hanging them on the ceiling. Your bikes won’t be on the floor where they can get hit by your car.

Also, it’s super easy to install hooks that will hold your bikes and make sure they are out of the way!

Your other options are to store bikes is on the wall or floor.

Don’t worry, I will be going through in more detail which one will fit you best so you can make the best decision for your bikes.

Organize Your Garage For Your Bikes

If you have already organized your garage you can skip this step. If not, then I will give you some helpful tips to quickly figure out your bike storage situation!

  1. Plan
  2. Tidy
  3. Put Bikes Away


Planning is the most important step to organizing anything. You will be more likely to follow through and not put off cleaning with a plan.

A good plan will save you hours of headaches and frustration.

There are a few key things you should ask yourself while you are making your plan.

  • Are you currently not using any garage floor space at all?
  • How much space do you have?
  • How many bikes are you trying to keep in your garage?
  • Are you willing to get rid of things to make room?
  • Where do you want to store your bikes? i.e. wall, ceiling, floor, etc.

Then you can either draw your plan out. If you are like me and can’t draw you can just make a simple numbered list of tasks to keep you on track.

Now that you have made a solid plan it’s time to move on the next step.


First, thing you want to do is moving everything out. This includes the bikes in the garage.

Then it’s time to get rid of that old box in the corner with spider webs all over it (you know the one I’m talking about).

First, you want to focus on the things in your garage that will be going into long term storage.

Any important documents, keepsakes, old or out of season clothing should be dealt with first.

Now go through all your seasonal boxes. Try to part with old Halloween costumes and unused Christmas lights and other holiday decorations. 

Find a good home for lawn care equipment like mowers, weed whackers, and leaf blowers.

The last thing to worry about are the items that you use regularly. You want to put them in places that are easy to remember and easy to grab.

There’s a method to my madness!

The most important things that you use should be visible, easy to locate, and in the front. While the things you don’t use should be hidden away. This method will make it easier to maintain a clean garage.

Put Bikes Away


You’ve done all the hard to work to clean the garage so now its time put your bike storage.

If you have followed your plan so far you know where you want to put your bikes. You really only have 3 options for your bikes depending on how much room you have created.

You can store your bikes on the ceiling, wall, or floor. Let’s figure out what the best option is for you!

Ceiling Bike Storage For Your Garage

If most of your garage floor space is taken up and you don’t have any more room for your bikes on the floor then the ceiling storage can be the perfect storage solution to your problem.

The easiest way to hang your bikes to the ceiling is with the Presa heavy duty bike hooks and you see images on Amazon.

Each hook can easily hold a bike unless it weighs more than 105 lbs. 

In my opinion, hanging bikes full down wouldn’t be your best option because that would take up more room in your garage.

Especially if you like to park your car in the garage you might not have room.

I would use 2 hooks for 1 bike. The Presa bike hooks come in a six-pack so you could hang up 3 bikes this way.

Another option for ceiling storage is a pulley system. I wouldn’t recommend a pulley system for ceiling storage because it’s not easy to install.

The only con to having your bikes stored on the ceiling is that they can be annoying to take down and put back up your bike every time you want to use.

Wall Bicycle Rack For Your Garage

The wall storage rack is another great option if you have no more room on the floor and don’t want your bikes on the ceiling.

The wall bicycle storage rack is a better option if you have a larger garage. But, with the right planning and some wall space, they can fit in a smaller garage as well.

Because they are easy to use it makes this choice a no brainer!

If you have the space for a wall bicycle storage rack I highly recommend the Monkey Bars bike storage rack on Amazon. 

Monkey bars bike storage have an easy 15 minute install time. You can store up to 6 bikes total on your wall. The hooks slide on the bar and are easy to adjust.

Unlike the ceiling bicycle hooks, the wall bicycle rack makes it easy to store bikes.

However, the trade off is it does cost a little more than the hooks. You will need a stud finder for both the hooks and this rack.

If you don’t have one this Franklin Sensor StudFinder from Amazon is perfect for finding the studs in your garage.

The garage wall is a great option if you have room the room to do it.

Garage Bike Racks For The Floor Of Your Garage

The last way to store your bike is a garage bike rack that stays on the garage floor.

This is another easy to use option!

You might be thinking that you need a lot of room for a bike rack that stays on the floor.

We all remember the ones that were at the school where everyone left their bike locked up.

While you can find a storage rack like that I have a much better option that will save you a lot of space.

You should check out Delta Michelangelo Canaletto 2/4 Bike Gravity Stand on Amazon. 

With this rack, you don’t need to worry about drilling into the walls. If you are renting this would be a perfect option for storage.

The bicycles stack up on each other which will leave you plenty of room. The best feature, in my opinion, is that can fit as many as 4 bikes on one rack.

Summing It All Up

Finding storage solutions that you feel comfortable for your bikes is very important. If you don’t store bikes correctly you could accidentally cause damage.

The layout, size, and amount of items you have in your garage will determine what the best type of bike rack you need for bike storage.

Ceiling hooks are a good choice for any size garage.

For bigger garages, I would suggest going with a floor bike rack or a wall bike rack because you will have more space.

Before you choose which bicycle rack is best, make sure you have a solid plan and a clean garage.

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