How Much Do Electric Bikes Weigh? (Every E Bike weight)

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How much do electric bikes weigh? And does the weight of electric bikes really matter?

How Much Do Electric Bikes Weigh

I really thought about it and decided to do my own research!

They can weigh anywhere between 38-70 pounds.

The weight of an electric bike will be different for each type of electric bike based on the frame of the e bike, the type of e bike, and the motor system. 

In this article, you’ll learn

  • All the weights for each type of electric bike.
  • Why e bikes weigh so much.
  • And much more…
What's In This Guide?

      Table of electric bike weights

      Type Of Electric BikeWeight
      Mountain40-70 pounds
      City45-50 pounds
      Foldable40-70 pounds
      Beach Cruiser38-70 pounds
      Fat Tire50-70 pounds
      Kids Bike40-67 pounds

      Mountain Electric Bike

      These types of electric bikes weigh around 40 to 70 pounds. 

      Mountain electric bikes are heavy because of the powerful motor they have. Their motors can support up to 20 miles per hour on the bike! 

      The reason the bike needs to weigh so much is to support the motor it has. The mountain electric bike can get through tough terrain at a high speed. So it needs a motor to push it through quickly! 

      A mountain electric bike will actually feel durable and safe. Because it weighs so much, it will help propel the rider through just about any mountain ride.

      City Electric Bike 

      A city electric bike is lighter than many of the other electric bikes. This electric bike typically weighs 45-50 pounds

      Why is a city electric bike lighter? 

      It is because this type of electric bike does not go as fast as some of the others (such as the mountain electric bike). The city electric bike will go up to about 18 miles per hour.

      No need to worry though if this bike has your interest. The battery life will last between 25 to 45 miles. So a city electric bike will still get you pretty far! 

      Foldable Electric Bike 

      A foldable electric bike will weigh anywhere from 40-70 pounds. 

      A foldable electric bike will typically have smaller wheels. This will result in a lighter e bike weight overall. Foldable electric bikes are also smaller, meaning the frame will weigh less. 


      Foldable electric bikes can have a strong motor. This will add weight to the electric bike, since the motors are heavy (explained further down below!). 

      The weight of a foldable electric bike will not impact its ability to fold. The hardware of thee bike is heavy but is able to still fold down. The design of this bike is made to fold – regardless of weight. 

      Beach Cruiser Electric Bike  

      Beach cruiser electric bikes weigh 38-70 pounds

      Even though beach cruisers have a wide weight range, you will probably be looking at the heavier side for this style. 

      Why heavier? Tires! 

      Even though tires are heavy and bulky, they are not all bad. Beach cruiser electric bikes have wider tires to help keep the bike stable. The wide tires also help make the ride feel smoother. 

      Fat Tire Electric Bike 

      Fat tire electric bikes can weigh anywhere between 50 and 70 pounds. 

      You guessed it – larger tires mean a larger weight! 

      Since this e bike is built for just about any terrain, it requires strength and stability. Fat tires have strong motors to power the electric bike. This helps the electric bike last longer and get through different elements. 

      The weight of a fat tire electric bike will not negatively impact your ability to get up a large hill or get through a longer route. 

      This bike may actually help assist you in getting through a larger climb! With the strong motor and wide tires, you may feel more stable than ever on an electric fat tire bike.  

      Electric Bike for Kids

      Electric bikes made for kids typically weigh between 40 to 67 pounds. Almost as much weight as the kid themselves! 

      The weight is from the motor system and battery of the e bike. Along with a heavy battery and motor, the larger frame of the bike adds to the weight too. 

      The weight of the e bike is not a bad thing though….

      Kids who are riding an electric bike will actually be highly supported by the electric bike. The elctric bike weight can help kids feel more stable on top of the bike.

      Let’s admit it…

      Riding with kids is not always easy. This extra power can help kids get through longer rides (without any complaining!). 

      What Causes Electric Bikes To Be So Heavy

      You may be thinking to yourself, “Wow, electric bikes are way heavier than I thought!”. 

      That is exactly what I thought too!

      The extra weight comes from the electric motor and the bike frame. An electric bike’s motor system can add up to 18 pounds of weight to an electric bike! 

      Motor systems for an electric bike include more than just the motor. There are sensors that sense your movements and the battery. 

      The frame of the bike has to be larger because of the motor. This helps balance the bike. If you used a normal bike frame you’d end up wobbling around (nobody likes the speed wobbles).


      Not all motor systems are heavy. Some electric bikes have motor systems weighing as light as 8 pounds like the Bikedrive Air. Or they use a lighter motor system like Fazua motor. It weighs around 10 pounds. 

      There are some drawbacks to having a lighter motor. Lighter motors do not have as much power. They also will not be as fast. You might also feel less supported on the bike (who likes feeling too light?).  

      Do Electric Bikes Weight Affect The Battery Life

      You’ll want to make sure that your electric bike won’t die on you out of nowhere! 

      You’re in luck. 

      The battery life of an electric bike is not impacted by the weight of the bike itself. Having a heavier battery may actually be useful (who knew!?). 

      If you are wanting or looking for a reliable, long-lasting battery life for an electric bike, you will be looking at a heavier battery. 

      A heavier battery means that the battery has a larger capacity. The battery will last longer the heavier it is and a better battery life is promised. 


      An electric bike can weigh anywhere from 38 to 70 pounds. That is due to the motor system, battery, and the wider frame of the electric bike. 

      If you plan on carrying your electric bike up a flight of stairs, or to and from places, the weight of your bike may impact you. 

      If not, the weight of your electric bike will not wear out your bike, and will not impact your riding experience, unless you are pedaling manually (which you probably won’t be on an electric bike!).

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