How to Charge an Electric Bike: The Complete Guide

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how to charge an electric bike

Charging an electric bike properly can save you from having to replace the battery. Here’s a quick rundown of the steps you need to take to charge your electric bike:

  1. Take the battery off your electric bike
  2. Make sure the battery is turned off
  3. Connect your battery to the charger
  4. Plug the charger cord into your wall outlet
  5. Charge your electric bike battery.

Pretty easy, right!

In this article you’ll learn:

  • How long you should charge your battery
  • What issues come along with overcharging your battery
  • And much more…
What's In This Guide?

      How Does Charging Your Electric Bike Battery Work

      Charging an electric bike battery is a simple process.

      The charger plugs into the wall and connects to how your electric bike battery should be charged, usually, it’ll have different voltage levels so you can either charge slowly or fast depending on how much power you need at the time.

      You don’t need to do anything once you’ve started charging. The charger will stop when the battery is at 100% and you’re all set!

      How Long Should I Charge My Electric Bike Battery

      How long you should charge your battery depends on how powerful it is. Most electric bike batteries will take between four and six hours to charge.

      If the battery is a smaller wattage, then four to five hours of charging time will fully recharge most electric bike batteries. A higher wattage might take six or more hours to recharge!

      How Often Do I Need To Charge My eBike

      That depends.

      All electric bikes have different battery lives. How far you plan on riding your bike each day is the main factor. The best idea is to charge it after every ride.

      But not all electric bike batteries are created equal so pay close attention to how long your rides last before charging again.

      Charging A Brand New Electric Bike Battery

      Some batteries might already be fully charged when you get them. But if they aren’t then it’s important to charge the battery all the way before using your ebike.

      You can cause damage to how long your rechargeable electric bike battery lasts if you don’t fully charge the battery first.

      Can I Charge My Electric Bike Battery Overnight

      Charging your electric bike battery overnight is fine as long as you have a trickle charger. A quick note about how the charging works:

      A normal corded electric bike plug-in will work just like an outlet in your home and charge at a consistent rate until complete. A trickle charger charges slower than normal but helps maintain the life expectancy of the battery.

      Trickle chargers are recommended for those who don’t plan on moving their bikes or might forget to plug them in. Practice good charging etiquette and always unplug your bike from the charger once it’s charged, even if you have a trickle charger!

      What Can Happen If I Overcharge My E-Bike Battery

      Overcharging your battery is bad for it over the long term, but you can do some major damage if you’re not careful! This will void any warranty that comes with your ebike kit or battery pack.

      Here are a few things that could happen to your ebike kit or electric bike charger:

      Your electric bike’s internal fuse could blow, resulting in a broken charger.

      You might damage the battery’s cells and make them unusable for future charging sessions. This can also reduce how long your electric bike’s battery lasts between charges!

      Your batteries will only charge when you’re running low on power or when it gets really cold outside (if that is their main charging method).

      If you’re on the fence about how long to charge your electric bike battery, err on the longer side. It’s better to leave it charging for a little too long than not have enough power when you need it!

      Plus, most chargers will turn off automatically after your electric bike kit is fully charged so there isn’t much risk.

      What Should I Do If My Electric Bike Battery Overheats

      Don’t panic!

      Even though it can be scary, most overheat issues are easy to fix. The first thing you should do is unplug your electric bike battery from the charger.

      This prevents any further damage to both your ebike battery and charger. Next, place your battery in a safe and cool area to prevent further overheating.

      The best way to deal with an overheated electric bike battery is by contacting the manufacturer of your ebike for any tips or tricks they might have regarding how to handle overheat issues.

      Most manufacturers will send you a replacement if it’s still under warranty so don’t be afraid to ask.

      Is Charging An Electric Bike Safe If There’s A Storm Outside

      Yes, as long as you’re not using a cheap and unreliable charger.

      A lot of the issues with charging an electric bike in bad weather come from how well your electric bike is charged rather than how often it’s charged. So what does this mean for you?

      It means that if you make sure to charge your battery properly, then your bike will be fine even in the worst of conditions.

      How Do I Know If My Charger Is Working Properly

      Chargers are pretty simple and straightforward.

      If you notice your bike isn’t holding a charge or it dies very quickly, then chances are your charger is broken. You can try charging the battery with another charger before you think about replacing your battery.

      But if everything else seems fine and you’re still having issues then replacing an ebike battery might be your best bet.

      How Do I Know If My Electric Bike Battery Is Bad

      Your electric bike is more than likely fine with a bad battery, but how do you know for sure if it needs to be replaced or not?

      The easiest way to tell that your electric bikes battery isn’t working properly is by noticing how long your bike lasts on a single charge.

      If you’re noticing that your electric bike is dying faster than usual, then it’s likely time to consider replacing the battery. Check out how long an average ride should last with different types of ebike batteries here.   

      Can I Use A Different Charger For My Electric Bike

      Yes, but you need to know how.

      If your ebike battery is removable then it’s possible that you can use a different charger with the same voltage as your current one. You should, however, always check how your ebike battery is charged before trying to charge it with a different charger.

      Sometimes batteries have their own special chargers but as long as you’re using one that has the same voltage as your original then everything will be just fine!

      Is It Good To Store My Electric Bike Battery Fully Charged


      The biggest issue with storing an electric bike battery fully charged is how it can damage the cells inside the ebike’s power pack over time, which will degrade performance and lead to a much shorter lifespan for your storage battery.

      You’re better off unplugging the battery from your bike, letting it drain completely before recharging it to full capacity again.

      How should you care for your electric bike battery to extend its life span

      The most important thing you can do to extend the life of your electric bike battery is keep it charged properly. This means charging it when you’re supposed to, how often you’re supposed to.

      If an ebike isn’t fully charged or if it’s overcharged then there are risks of damaging the battery cells which will lead to shorter life spans for your battery.

      Do I Need To Store My Electric Bike In A Particular Way

      In order to keep your ebike battery from getting damaged, you should always store it in a cool and dry place.

      If it’s going to be sitting for a very long time, then make sure the outside of the power pack doesn’t get too hot or too cold. Keep the battery inside your house is the best option

      You should also keep the electric bike battery away from anything flammable and never try to charge a damaged ebike battery.

      How Long Should I Store My Electric Bike Battery For

      If you’re storing your electric bike for a long time, how often should you charge it before putting it away?

      A good rule of thumb is to charge your battery every three months regardless of how long you’re storing it.

      This will keep the cells in the ebike’s battery from deteriorating and ensure that when you take your bike out again, it’ll be safe to ride!

      Should I Let My Electric Bike Battery Die Every Once In A While

      It’s a good idea to let your ebike battery drain every once in a while.

      However, how often you should do this depends on how long it takes for the electric bike to die and how much power it has left when you’re done riding around!

      The Bottom Line

      Whether you’re new to electric bikes or a seasoned veteran of the ebike scene, it’s important that you charge your battery properly.

      The next time you take out your electric bike, make sure to remember how long it lasts on a single charge and how often your battery is charged!

      If something doesn’t seem right then check how much life is left in your ebike power pack before taking off.

      You don’t want to end up stranded with a dead battery!

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