How To Put A Female Bike On Rack In 5 Simple Steps!

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How To Put A Female Bike On Rack

Did you know…

Almost 80% of bike racks on the market today won’t fit a female bike?

This is because those racks are generally made for men and the average women of the same age as men have shorter torsos and longer legs.

Why doesn’t it fit on the bike rack?

It’s difficult to use the traditional rack for holding a women’s bike since the bike does not have a straight bar like a man’s bike.

This is a major factor that a new user should note seriously. I’ve learned from an expert on how to put a female bike on a rack.

Since then I’ve used these simple steps on how to put a female bike on a rack.

What's In This Guide?

      5 Steps On How To Put A Female Bike On Rack

      1. Open The Rack

      The first thing you need to do is open the rack. Different brands of racks have different ways of handling, so what you need to do is follow the instructions carefully.

      The tusks of the rack should be in an upright position. Some racks come with ratcheting adjustments.

      This can be helpful for you because of the fact that an average woman has shorter torsos and longer legs.

      This means you can adjust it according to the need of your bike. Make sure to mark the correct angles so the next time you won’t have to go through the trouble of doing it again.

      2. Attach It Carefully To Your Car

      At first, it might look like your rack has too many straps, but all of them have a special purpose.


      I’ve seen tons of people damage their car by doing this step wrong. I have an entire guide that will save you time and money click here to read it!

      If you follow it step by step, each of the straps will fall into its place. In most of the racks, the top adjustments are usually for double looping and locking matters so that they don’t become loose while you are driving.

      Although most of the racks come with lateral straps, if your rack doesn’t have any, make sure to drive a little slow when you are taking turns.

      3. Protect The Delicate Parts Of The Bike

      Among the different materials used to manufacture a bike, one is metal. If it comes in contact with the sensitive parts of the bike, it might damage them.

      But luckily, you can use padding to cover the sensitive parts.

      That way, even if they come in contact with the metal parts, it won’t do any damage to them.

      The best way to prevent any damage here is to use the tusks wisely- that is put one of the tusks through the rear wheel of the bike and the other through just behind the head-tube.

      4. Make Use Of The Extra Straps

      A lot of people are afraid of the mounted bikes falling in the middle of the highway while they are driving.

      The hundreds of videos available on the internet don’t help either. But you can relieve yourself from this worry by attaching the top tube of the bike to the track with a strap that is already provided with the bike.

      Some people might find this lashing of the bike to the rack itself extra, but better safe than sorry.

      Once you’ve mounted the bike, make sure to use something to hinder the movement of the wheels.

      Drivers can get distracted by the moving wheels when they look in the rearview mirror.

      5. Try A Different Rack

      If, even after you have followed all the instructions carefully, and the bike still doesn’t fit, or it keeps falling, chances are you need a new rack.

      The thing about technology is that it is evolving fast. The bikes that were built in the past are different from the bikes that are being built now.

      So if your bike is new and your rack isn’t, you cannot keep complaining unless you do something about it. In this case, it is upgrading to a new rack.

      Now that we’re done with how to put a female bike on rack without the adapter, let’s discuss how the steps you need to follow to do it with an adapter!

      How To Mount A Female Bike With An Adapter

      It can be very difficult some times to fully secure your wife and children’s frame bikes on a bike rack.

      This mostly occurs when you do that without the horizontal cross tube which is needed for mounting the bike.

      At that point, it is then essential to get a bike adapter. It simply functions to secure your bike while driving.

      The question now is, how will you use a bike rack adapter?

      1. Get The Rack In A Nice, Arc Shape

      The exact shape of your rack will be different depending on the mode, but one thing that is common in most of the racks is that they form a big arc when fully opened.

      2. Attach The Clips

      The place where the trunk separates from the car is the spot where you can clip the hook.

      Always remember not to force the hook, as it may leave a scratch on the car. Rather, find the spot where you can attach it in the easiest way. You can easily find which clip goes where by reading the writing on it.

      It will either say top, bottom, or side.

      3. Tighten All The Straps

      This can be done by pulling the strap that comes from the clip. You will be driving with this rack.

      So you need to be especially careful here. Make sure that the rack is firmly in place.

      4. Make Sure The Rack Is Strong Enough

      To do a little test to check the strength of the rack, grab the rack with both of your hands, and try moving it from side to side.

      If the rack moves while you are doing this, go back and check whether all the straps are fastened or not.

      5. Bike Arms

      On your rack, you will find two arms. These arms are the ones that will be doing most of your job- which is holding the bike in one place. Either after you pull them up, they will click into place, or there may be a screw which you need to tighten.

      6. Put The Bike In The Bike Arms

      You need to follow this step carefully, so you don’t damage the car or the bike. Make sure to imagine the bike’s weight in your hands and then distribute it evenly. Place the top part of the bike on the arms. This is the part which is between the handle and the seat of the bike.

      7. Clamp Down The Arms

      The final step you need to do is tighten the strap to the frame of the bike or push down a clamp and then lock.

      Once again, this will depend on the model of the bike. One last thing to do is shake the bike.

      If it makes a rattling noise, it isn’t completely attached to the rack, and you need to check if you might have left a strap untightened.


      In the old days, you have to disassemble your bike in order to take with you on trips and assemble upon your arrival to your destination.

      Upon the introduction of the technology of bike rack, it became possible to easily load your bike on the rack and travel with it to wherever you wanted to go. These modern bike racks are very convenient to use. You just place your bike on them.

      The current use of an adapter to make the bike racks accommodate the female bikes securely is highly recommended. In case you don’t have one, Please get ONE very soon.

      It makes traveling easy, in the sense that it makes you maximize your available space as well gives space for more passengers in your vehicle.

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